Friday, February 17, 2017

December 21, 2016 - Okeechobee, FL

Winter Solstice - First Day of Winter

No sight of the sun at all!  It was overcast, very windy.  Another drab day.  

While Edith was outside something caught the corner of her eye and she turned around to see what was moving. A raccoon!  As soon as Edith looked at it it shot up to the top of the palm tree. Very shy! After waiting a while the raccoon slowly climbed down, but stopped occasionally to see where Edith was before making another move.  Edith had to move few spaces away, and the raccoon came to a "Y' shaped tree. A perfect shot!
Erwin was not up to hiking, so we went biking instead.  Actually, there is nothing much to do in this state park except hike/bike.  As we were pedaling close to the astrophotography area Edith spotted a bird sitting on a post, took out her camera, zoomed in to see what bird it was.  American Kestrel!  
There was not much for Edith to shoot at the prairie, so Edith spent most of the afternoon pedaling around just to get some exercise.

In the evening we played 2 rounds of cribbage, with each of us winning one round. 

Again, the clouds took over and Edith was not able to get Milky Way pictures.  Since we will be here until December 30 she may have a better chance in one or more nights.

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