Tuesday, February 7, 2017

December 13, 2016 - Melbourne Beach, FL

It was very foggy this morning, but it dissapated within an hour or so.  Then it became a very beautiful morning; however, both of us were “under the weather”.

Erwin spent time trying to figure out how to remove the sofa bed from the living area, checking to see how we can bolt new recliners to the floor (they need to be secured during driving).  It is not going to be an easy task to remove the sofa, but it is doable with time and patience.

While Erwin was doing that Edith went off with her camera to go to the south end of the jetty to see what was going on, to take pictures if there was anything interesting.  Not so many anglers there, but there were more on the north end of the jetty.  Few anglers got redfish, pompano, speckled trout and others.  
Beach Warning Flags
Yellow Flag = Medium Hazard
Purple Flag = Dangerous Marine Life
The guy, on the right, caught this nice sized redfish, but did not keep it.
After taking his pictures he returned it back to the water
The water was very choppy and the winds were strong
After Edith returned back from photo shooting trip Erwin informed her that there was a video message (SignMail) that our RV loan center left.  After checking the message she immediately called the loan center to dispute the claim that she missed one month payment.  The payment is done via online bill payment through our personal bank.  After getting security information from Edith the agent pulled up the account, mentioned that the November payment had not been posted.  Edith had to explain to the agent that that was the 3rd time that similar situation had happened in the past.  She was put on hold for 5 minutes before the agent returned with the additional information.  Resolution?  Nope.  The agent kept saying that the payment has not been posted.  “Then tell me where did the payment go?”, Edith asked the agent.  Of course, the agent mumbled, fumbled, tried to come up with answers.  Edith was not satisfied with her assumption, requested an email address so she can attached the PDF of her bank statement to the center.  The agent did not have email address offhand, told her she will check around and be back with it in few minutes.  Well, Edith was put on hold again and it lasted for more than 7 minutes before the phone was disconnected!  Edith immediately contacted the message center, asked for email address and got it.  Edith then attached the PDF file to the email and it was sent to the loan center.

After lunch Edith called the Customer Service at the loan center to check and see if they have checked her email yet.  “No, it might be in dispute department”, Carla replied.  That was a stupid answer!  Carla said it might take 24-48 hours before my email will show up.  Huh? Really?  

Then, another problem loomed over us.  The claims department from our RV insurance company reported that our claim for the damage on the windshield was closed.  The reason: "We are closing the claim, as the cost to replace your glass falls within the amount of your deductible. If the cost of this glass replacement should exceed your deductible, please contact us so that we can update your claim status and provide further assistance if needed.”  Wasting no time Edith emailed back with the additional information on the approximate cost for the glass replacement and installation, and requested that they reopen our claim because to replace the windshield on our Lil' Home it will be over and above the deductible. We are hoping they will process our claim and help cover the balance after we pay the deductible.

After supper we headed to the beach to witness the last full moon of 2016. It is called Full Cold Moon, was the third and final supermoon for this year.  A supermoon happens when the moon is full and at its closest point to Earth.
The last full moon of 2016

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