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December 9, 2016 - Melbourne & Melbourne Beach, FL

It was raining when we peeked out the bedroom windows.  It was very gloomy.  Edith thought about putting off shopping/sightseeing.

After breakfast we went to the ranger station to re-register for the site #41.  Yesterday Edith asked the ranger if she had to come back to re-register and she said yes because it involved different invoice/billing.  We are staying here until December 16th.

After leaving the ranger station we drove along the side of the inlet. There were several anglers lining up the rock wall.  Two egrets and one wood stork were waiting by some of the anglers with hoping to catch a fish.
Great Egret
Sebastian Inlet Bridge
Ranger Station
Great Blue Heron
Wood Stork
There was a construction going on in the back end of the campground.  Erwin asked one of the rangers about it and he explained that nine more campsites will be added. He had no idea about the completion date.

The sun started to peek through and we decided to go out for sightseeing and shopping.  When we got on A1A North the clouds blocked the sun's path, but at least it did not rain.  

We had been talking about replacing the sofa bed with two recliners. The sofa that came with our Lil' Home was not very comfortable. The seat width was too narrow for comfortable seating for a long period of time.  If we both want to recline it is impossible with both of us on the sofa!  

First stop was to check out Lazy-Boy store on Highway 192 in Melbourne, FL.  The saleslady brought us to check out few pieces that were displayed on the floor.  The first one we saw and tested we liked it, but we wanted to check out others.  One loveseat without console in the middle will work, but it is not a wall hugger type.  Also, we will not be able to use seatbelt with the loveseat.  With recliners we can.  We were not sure of the color that will match with the decor in our Lil’ Home, so we asked for a swatch to take home.  
We liked this one, but could not find the right fabric
We liked this one, but thought it might be too big
There was another furniture store, not too far from Lazy Boy store, we could check out, but the traffic was terrible and we decided to wait until another time.  

Edith wanted to check out Historic Melbourne downtown district. She read somewhere that there are several murals throughout the district and she wanted to find them to get pictures of.  One is at Lou’s Filling Station/Bar.  While there we decided to have a quick lunch and we shared a basket of chicken tenders with french fries.  The decor inside was interesting.  Several Elvis Presely pictures were hung on the wall.  
Elvis Presley was one of Edith's idols when she was a teenager
We drove around the historic town for a bit before heading back to the state park.  We did not walk up/down the streets because Erwin did not feel like walking due to his heel injury.
Manatee Sculpture at a park in downtown Melbourne
After getting back to Sebastian Inlet State Park we pulled into parking lot by the pier under the bridge. We wanted to see if anglers were catching anything. The winds were so powerful that the ocean crashed against the jetty rocks.  There were lots of pelicans and seagulls flying by.
Brown Pelican
Royal Tern
We were planning on going out for a walk after getting back to the campsite, but it started to feel chilly. The winds were almost knocking us off our feet.  We chose to stay inside and just chilled (no pun intended) for the rest of the afternoon.

Edith prepared a dish that she had not made in a LONG time.  One of her favorite chicken dishes: Chicken Marsala.  

The night found us lounging around, drinking coffee, checking emails and Facebook posts.  Edith edited some pictures for the blog.  The winds were still blowing hard because they kept rocking the LH once in a while.

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