Sunday, February 26, 2017

January 6, 2017 - Sebring, FL

I was up first, hurriedly got dressed and drove over to the ranger station to see if there was any campsite available that we can book for few more nights.  The ranger said there was only one available, but it cannot be reserved because the campers, currently at that site, are allowed to extend more nights if they want to.  I was advised to wait until noontime to see if the campsite is available.

In the meantime, Erwin and I got the Lil' Home prepared just in case we needed to check out. However, I noticed the campers were getting things put away and had a feeling that this site may be available. I immediately went back to the ranger station after the campers left the site. Whew! I got site #130 for 2 more nights.  It was not so hard, wasn’t it?

It was an easy and swift move from site #129 to #130. It was still a short walk to the bathhouse.

About an hour or so a nice looking Class A rig pulled into site #129.  Stan and Judy, from Sarasota, FL, called Erwin over, mentioned that the ranger told them we were kicked out of the site.  Big mouth!  We stayed and chatted with Stan and Judy. They have 3 cute maltese dogs, one of them weighing at 3 lbs.  

We biked 4-5 miles, went on bike trail past the maintenance plant.  It connected to the Hammock Loop.  Very pleasant bike ride.  Not too many cars.  
We spent rest of the late afternoon lounging outside with Erwin reading a book and I working on one coloring page.  Mike, a fellow camper two sites from us, came by and introduced himself to us.  He is a retired electrician living in Ohio. We talked about places we had been to.  He goes to places where there are disastrous areas, such as hurricane, flooding, etc to help cook meals.  

I decided to cook deer chops (from the mule deer Erwin shot last fall).  We liked the chops very much.  I thought it had little gamy taste, but was pleased with the flavor.

Erwin did woodburning for a long while when I had three separate video conversations with friends.  It is really nice to be able to keep in touch with dear friends when we are away from them.

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