Thursday, February 23, 2017

December 31, 2016 - Sebring, FL

The Last Day of 2016 

Edith was up very early this morning to see the sunrise.  The colors were phenomenal. She was the only one out in the forest.  No wildlife was around.  So quiet and peaceful!
The morning was just perfect for our swamp tour with the ranger.  Bon had arranged with the office to hire an interpreter.  $5 per person.  The ride lasted about an hour and half.  We saw a mama gator with her babies.  Lots of ibises were in the tree.  
Waiting for the tram to show up
After the tram tour Edith and few campers went hiking at the Cypress Swamp.  We did not see much, but we had a good walk. 
After Edith got back from hiking she decided to go with Edna's husband, Jack to another trail.  Both of us wanted to do photography there.  
Jack enjoying the view
Late afternoon found us sitting around the campfire at Jack and Edna's campsite.  They, along with Bon and Marilyn, invited us to eat supper with them.  They had chicken with lots of different vegetables in foil and placed them above the fire. They were delicious!
Edna cutting up vegetables
Football game on TV
Bon checking the fire 
Jack adding more firewood
Bon set up two canopies, put two picnic tables together for games.  We played several different games: Uno or Dare, Toilet Paper, Spoon, and others.  It was really fun!  
Spoon Game
Edith chose to do Dare during Uno game
She had to hold the card against a hard surface for one round
Mind you, the pole was COLD!

Roxanne brought out a bottle of Rum Chata, poured into small glasses for everyone of us to toast to the coming new year.  
Happy New Year 2017!
Toilet Paper Game with Edna
Lil' Home - Miles Driven in 2016: 10,872
Jeep - Miles Driven in 2016: 17,154

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