Monday, February 27, 2017

January 7, 2017 - Sebring, FL

We were completely surprised to see that it rained hard during the night. There were puddles everywhere.  The clouds were moving very fast.  The air started to feel chilly. I did not have a jacket or sweater on.  

After I got back inside it started to drizzle, but then rained all morning.  We did not go anywhere. The rain stopped around 1 pm and I decided to go out for a drive. Erwin wanted to stay behind because he wanted to work on his new woodburning project. 

I googled and found one cemetery that was on the other side of Lake Jackson.  Last year I visited Lakeview Memorial Gardens, but did not know there was another cemetery that was not too far away from it.

There weren't many statues or unusual headstones at Pinecrest Cemetery. There were about 5-7 unmarked wooden crosses with no names/dates.  
Unmarked Grave
Unmarked Grave 
On my way to the campground I was stopped by a moving train. Amtrak!  I had not seen Amtrak on tracks for a long time. I used to see it a lot when I lived near Washington D.C. area. 
I drove around Sebring looking for something interesting or to take pictures of.  There was an abandoned Harder Hall at 3300 Gulfview Drive.  It is an historic hotel and was named after two developers, Lewis F. Harder and Vincent Hall, both of West Palm Beach, FL.  The construction began in 1925 and the hotel was open to guests in 1927. During its heyday many celebrities, such as Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and many others, were guests there. In 1982, after the hotel was sold to a group of investors, it was foreclosed and has been unoccupied since then.  It is said that this hotel is haunted!  It is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The entire property is fenced off and there are "No Trespassing" signs, security cameras, and police would patrol around.

Our friend, Bon, mentioned that we can buy firewood on the street that is alongside Highlands Hammock Preserve State Park.  I drove for several miles and could not find a sign for firewood; however, I saw something interesting in the pasture. Beautiful longhorns! Few ducks were waddling near the pond.  
We did not go anywhere after supper.  Tonight was our last night camping here.  


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