Monday, August 3, 2015

June 30, 2015 - Mulberry Grove, IL to Columbia, MO

It was a lovely sunny morning.  It was in low 70's.  While Edith was eating breakfast Erwin was outside chatting with fellow campers (they were from FL).
We checked the map once again to figure out where to go first - Columbia or Sedalia to spend the night. After covering pros and cons we decided that we were going to stay in Columbia tonight.

After all things were put away we left Mulberry Grove around 9:30 am.  We turned right on IN 140, but took the wrong exit. We wanted to get on 40 and we had to go through the town of Greenville in order to get on I-70.

Now on I-70 West to St. Louis.  Traffic was not too bad. It was hazy. and the sky was not as blue.

We spotted the Arch before we reached the interchange. While continuing on I-70 we saw the skyline when we crossed the bridge over the Mississippi River. It was still hazy.

We took a rest break at Exit 198 on I-70 and fixed ourselves some lunch.

There were so many semi trucks going by, but the traffic was still moving.  

We got fuel fill-up in Kingdom City and it was $2.49 a gallon for diesel.

We stopped at Camping World at Exit 133 from I-70, decided to buy Randy McNally's GPS  designed for trucks and big rigs.  We realized that we would need two GPS and the one we already have will be left in the Jeep.

We decided to go to Cottonwood RV Park in Columbia, MO, but made a wrong turn to the shopping district and had to go around to get back on 63.  

We checked into Cottonwood RV Park at 2 pm, got site #93 (pull through). Set up was fast and easy.  We then took the Jeep to go visit Emily, Erwin's sister in law.  The last time we saw her was 12 years ago.  

Emily was home, but her 14 year old son Danny was not around.  After chatting a while Emily asked us if we would be interested in going with her to see her son Marcus' art display in a studio.  "Sure, why not" we told her.  Off we went in Emily's car going to downtown Columbia.  Since Columbia is a 3 college town, parking is horrendous and there are parking meters everywhere you look. Emily tried to find a vacant spot with money still left on the meter, found one and took the space. She got out and looked at the meter, saying there is 45 minutes left, that's enough time to go check out Marcus' works. 

We walked a block and half to The Imago Gallery and Cultural Center. Marcus (Erwin's nephew) created work based on his experiences with death and loss: On Abstraction and Death: A Paradox.  Marcus, in his interview with the newspaper reporter, explained the meaning of using duct tape, which is about quickly shoring up broken pieces until they can be repaired or replaced; however, he explained that it is never used in a permanent situation. 

After looking around Emily suggested that we go out for ice cream treat. It was a short walk from the gallery to this famous Sparky's Ice Cream Parlor.  Inside the shop hung funny and weird paintings on the walls.  We asked to sample apple pie cherry ice cream and we decided to get a big cup. Emily chose the mango one.  The ice cream was so creamy, smooth and flavorful.  We found a small table, sat down and enjoyed eating ice cream while studying wall paintings and chatting.

We walked back to Emily's car and there was a bright yellow parking ticket stuck under the wiper.  Wondering why Emily got the ticket when there was 14 minutes left on the meter. After checking out the situation, it suddenly dawned on us that she had looked at the wrong meter, and we also assumed that too. The meter that we should have looked at was on the passenger's side instead of the driver's side. Emily looked disgusted with herself and said the fine is $15 and she would take care of it!

Emily whipped up dinner for us and it was very good.  We went out for a walk from her house to Valleyview Park that has a nice walking trail.  We took a leisurely walk while chatting.  It was not too hot or cold, but it was overcast, which made it pleasant for walking. 

Emily & Erwin
Edith, Emily & Erwin taking a break from walking
After we got back to Emily's house we sat down and chatted some more before we went home.  On the way home we decided to check out Walmart where Erwin"s niece works, to see if she was there or not. He asked a lady if she knew Josie. "Never heard of her", said one Walmart employee.  So we walked along the cashiers and all of a sudden a hand waved at us, It was Josie! She was in middle of changing shifts and said it would be a couple minutes. While we waited, her sister Vida, came by to purchase some things she wanted. It was a pleasant surprise to see her too!  We chatted a bit and made arrangement to get together for a short visit for the next morning.


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  2. Glad you had the chance to visit!

  3. Glad you had three chance to visit!

  4. Wayne, it was a good visit with your mom.