Tuesday, August 18, 2015

July 19, 2015 - Mobile, AL

Last night Edith made a list of places to visit in downtown Mobile. She wanted us to head out at 8 am this morning, but we way overslept past the time.  

We decided to do the laundry first to get that out of our way.  First laundromat we went to was a dump, so we hightailed outta there.  We checked Google for another laundromat - Florida Street Laundromat.  Not too bad and it had magnum load machine which can wash 8 10 lb baskets of clothes in one load.  Cost $7.50. Dryer was 50 cents for 10 minutes, took more than 20 minutes before most of the items were dry.  

While at the laundromat Edith got curious and wanted to know if there were any historic cemeteries in town, so googled it and found there is one.. Bingo!  Her adrenaline was rushed. Of course, Erwin's eyes rolled up because it meant him sitting in the car for hours.  Then she pulled up the map to see where the cemetery is at. Not too far from here! Perfect-o!!!

When Edith asked to borrow Erwin's IPhone he realized he left it in the Lil' Home (LH).  Before we could head to the cemetery we had to go back to the campground to retrieve the phone. 

Magnolia Cemetery is a historic city cemetery and is registered under National Register of Historic Places.  It was established in 1836 and has over 120 acres. There are so many monuments, interesting burial places.  It is also the resting place for deceased Confederated soldiers from the 1812 War.

An act of vandalism or ???

There are few but narrow entryways to the cemetery.  It was a good thing that we drove the Jeep because the entrance was very narrow and tight and our LH won't be able to make through.  So many interesting monuments, headstones and pillars that it was hard for Edith to decide which ones of them she wanted to get pictures of.  At that time the temperature was 96 degrees, but it felt like over 105.  After walking around a couple tombstone sweat was already getting into Edith's eyes.  She refused to give up and wanted to continue.  There was one Neoclassical-style statuary monument she wanted to get a picture of, but could not find it. The office was closed, so she was not able to look up the name and find the section number.  

There are two Jewish cemeteries not far from Magnolia Cemetery, but it was so hard to go in by a car.  Since it was already very hot Edith was not too enthusiastic to go out and walk about.

We decided not to continue sightseeing for rest of the afternoon and went to Starbucks to get cool drinks.  Edith wanted to use its wifi to update and publish our travel blog.

The dark and fast moving clouds started to appear.  Edith told Erwin she still wanted to go to downtown Mobile just to look around, so we left Starbucks.  While enroute it started to rain hard, so that means no stopping to get out for pictures or anything of that sort.

Since it was raining Edith can only take
pictures from inside the car, but this
was the only picture she took of while visiting downtown
It was still raining hard when we left Mobile to go back to the campground.  Floods filled up some streets and the visibility became harder to see.  The temperature quickly dropped from 96 degrees to 73 degrees in few minutes.

We made it back "home" alright.  It was already time to start fixing supper.  Edith prepared pan fried chicken with huckleberry BBQ sauce (now our favorite sauce). You won't find them in Florida.  Guess we will have to ask Keri to send us some if we should run out of them.  Before we left Montana last May we bought two bottles of huckleberry BBQ sauce.

It was still raining hard when we got back "home"
It was a restful night.  At this time we had not decided where our next destination will be after we leave Mobile, AL tomorrow morning.

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