Friday, August 7, 2015

July 5, 2015 - Sedalia, MO to Columbia, MO

This is the end of Passport America Fun Rally.  Several RVs had already left early this morning and one of them had to be towed because the grass was too wet/soft. Luckily for us we made it out of the grassy area. If it had rained yesterday we might not be so lucky.  

Another lovely day, but the sky was not so blue.  It was already very hazy and is going to be a hot day. Temperature hit low 80’s early in the morning.

After getting everything put away and slideouts closed we checked out of the campground at 8:45 am. After discussing pros and cons we decided to go back on US 50 going east to Columbia, MO.  The reason for going back to Columbia is because our Lil’ Home (LH) needed minor repair (stabilizer bolt is broken). Since our engine is made by Cummins we need to go to authorized service shop to take care of it.  We cannot take our LH to any service shop.  At Passport America Fun Rally we got many good tips from Newmar RV owners and we now have the website to find authorized Cummins service centers. So much to learn, but we are having fun anyway.

We went on US 50 East then turned left to Hwy 5 to get on I-70 East, but when we got closer to it Erwin thought the railroad overpass (13’1”) was low and went past it.  No, it was not too low for our RV (12’6”). We kept on driving for 4 more miles before we could make a U-turn to go back to where we missed the turn to get on Highway 5.  There are so many beautiful farmlands and the road was rolling. So many rows and rows of corn, wheat, some type of vegetables were lined up along the road. There was one abandoned barn, but there was no place to pull over because there was no shoulder area.  Some cornfields have corn stalks with tassels (meaning they are almost ready to be harvested).

It was almost like a funeral procession on Hwy 5 because there were a long line of cars with lights on following us for miles and miles.  We are sure that they were happy to see us get off from 5 to get on I-70 East.

We exited to 763 to go to Cummins Service center. We left our LH there, unhooked the Jeep. From there we went to Camping World to return back the new GPS we bought last week.  We were not too pleased with its features and appearance. The saleslady, who sold it to us, wanted to try to fix it, but found that we forgot to include the USB (we left it in the LH).  That meant going back to the LH to get it and bring it to Camping World.

On our way back we stopped at White Castle for lunch. We wanted to see what their hamburgers were like.  We were not at all impressed with the meal we had.  Now we know not to eat at White Castle anywhere!

We love Bass Pro Shop stores, will stop just to browse around if we see one in any town/city.  We saw few things we would like to have, but we need to wait until we know what we really need for the LH.  Their fresh water aquarium is unique and so different from other stores.  We checked out inflatable rafts that we could use for fishing, but decided to wait on it.

We went back to the LH and Erwin found the USB for the new GPS. Now we had to go about 8 miles one way to Camping World. We got the money back and looked at tire covers, but they did not have the color in the size we needed.

We decided we were going to visit Fulton, which was about 15 miles away.  There is a deaf school in that town and we wanted to check it out.  We drove through the Brick District where streets are laid with red bricks in downtown. Being it is Sunday the town was “dead”.  We drove through Missouri School for the Deaf campus and, to our surprise, there is no security gate or inspection for outsiders. Florida School for the Deaf is heavily secured and to visit the campus you will have to show your driver’s license and they issue a temporary badge with a copy of your driver’s license.  Missouri Deaf School campus is not as big as we thought it would be.  

Edith, being a cemetery aficionado, spotted Hillside Cemetery that is directly across the road from the football/track field at Missouri Deaf School.  She found few interesting tombstones.  Many were as old as 1880’s.  

It was really a HOT day and we wanted something cool to drink.  “Let’s go to Sonic and get milkshakes”, Edith recommended.  We both got medium sized shakes. 

There was not much to see/do in Fulton. Before getting back on I-70 the Jeep needed its drink as well.  

Inside the LH was very warm, so we ran the generator to turn the a.c. on for a while.  While it was running we set up folding chairs, sat outside where the cool breeze blows between two RVs.  It was a restful night

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