Monday, August 10, 2015

July 10, 2015 - Branson, MO

It was overcast (the weather channel “promised” us it is going to be a sunny day).  Because of that we could have slept in, but no, we cannot.  We have an appointment at 8 am.

The building where our unit is in is a stone’s throw from the resort's welcome center, so we walked instead of driving.  At the concierge desk we reminded the agent that we requested to have an interpreter for meeting and she informed us that all interpreters are on the road and that there is not one available to come today (Really! ALL interpreters...How did they decide that?).  “You can sit in the office and talk with the consultant”, she talked slowly.  (No way, we thought!)

After the paperwork was done we received name badges and were told to proceed to the breakfast room.  There were scrambled eggs, biscuit with chipped beef gravy, sausage links and bacon.  There were carafes of orange juice (very delicious) and water.  There were 2 couples sitting nearby.  

About halfway through our breakfast we were greeted by Lisa and we immediately informed her that we are waiting to see if an interpreter has been contacted.  “Oh, that is not going to be a problem if you come in my office and talk”. (wow, it shows no sense of our needs).  She left to let us finish our breakfast.

Lisa came back with a piece of paper she wrote: We are not able to get an interpreter for you today. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

The incentive offered if you stay throughout the presentation is a $50 debit card for each person present.  Well, it is obvious we did not stay for the presentation and that means no debit card for us.  BUT Lisa gave us 2 debit cards that were already activated and apologized for not providing the needed service.  We can’t complain about that.  And, we were glad we did not have to sit in for the hour and half presentation.  They are always trying to get us to go for an upgrade in our membership with Diamond Resorts. 

We picked up pool towels from the Activity Center.  There are books, puzzles, games, Wii games, basket shooting, billiards.

Interactive Computer on the wall. 
You can check weather, maps, news, etc

Pretty landscape  
The building on the right side is where we stayed at

Our first stop was to visit Branson Craft Mall.  It is like a flea market, but is inside the building.  There were many nice stuff there.

We liked the restroom sign! 
Erwin wasted no time in checking out a booth that sells
wood stuff
Three guys playing music for the guests
There was a bad storm yesterday that caused flooding in Branson area

Next stop was to visit downtown Branson again. This time we were able to find a parking space that is within walking distance to stores in the area.  

Mural on the side of the building
We could not resist the candy store. It carries many candies that we ate when we were kids. Very nostaglic.  The store was packed!  

Nope, did not buy anything!

A tub filled with candies

We were looking for two attractions in the town, but could not find them. We went inside Branson Centennial Museum to inquire.  The admission is free, so we took time to look around.  There are pictures of old days.

There were few places/things to check out in downtown Branson

We were getting hungry during lunchtime and we did not see any restaurant in downtown that we wanted to try.  We drove out to the neighboring area, spotted this place where the parking lot is packed.  "Let's try this one", Edith suggested.

Honey cornbread!
So yummy...
We could easily eat more than 3
Fried green tomatoes with dipping sauce on the left.
We asked the waitress about how many would there be..
Her answer was 8-10, but we got 20!
Chicken tenders and fries (split order)

Erwin started to feel a bit tired and wanted to go back to the resort to rest.  Edith was not ready to call it a day. After getting back to the resort Edith dropped Erwin off and went out by herself.  She wanted to drive around and see what things she could get pictures of.

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