Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 - Branson, MO

Another lovely day, but the forecast calls for heat index of 105 degees. Yikes!

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel that is not too far from Butterfly Palace.

We decided to visit Butterfly Palace again because we still have bands on our wrists that are good for a 3 day visit.  This time we saw more butterflies that we did not see the first time we went.  At 10:30 am new butterflies were released. There was a group of kids on a field trip, some of them releasing butterflies.  After the kids left Jamie gave one container to Erwin and he released Blue Morpho butterfly.  We stayed inside until almost 11 and Erwin felt so warm, after all it was a tropical environment for the butterflies, he decided to leave while Edith stayed behind for a bit longer.  

Butterflies coming out of the cocoon

Erwin getting ready to release the butterfly
We wanted to go in Mirror Maze again. It was fun!  

The temperature rose from 82 to 100 in less than 30 minutes while enroute to Kimberling City. MO.

We had lunch at RT 's Family Restaurant, ordered Broaster chicken with mashed potato/gravy and green beans (split order).  The cook overlooked the order and our foods were not ready for past 30 mins. The waiter came to inform us and Edith wanted to tell him not to charge us, but he did not understand what Edith was trying to say.  Then she asked Erwin to interpret for her, but he just smiled and refused to do it for her. He was too embarrassed and thought it was rude.  Oh well!  

Finally the meal was served.  We have to say that their broaster chicken was outstanding.  So moist and the batter was just right.  Unlimited refill of lemonade! When we were done eating the waiter came up and said he picked up the check and apologized for the delay.  Free lunch! Of course, we left a tip for him.

After lunch we browsed some stores that are alongside where the restaurant is at. We went inside the Rustic Timber store and they have lovely decor.  Edith asked the owner about the Kimberling City Bridge that was in the photo book she looked at. He gave us directions on how to get to the spot for photo op.

We went to the campground/marina, but found that some roads were under the water.  No swimming was allowed due to floods.  Edith managed to find a spot where she can walk up to the bank and take pictures of the bridge.

parking lot underwater!

Kimberling City Bridge
We went back on 13, continued driving until we got to 86, then to 65.  Rolling/twisting roads, but lovely drive.  Speed limit was 55, but we thought it should be no more than 40 mph.. Stopped at Price Chopper grocery store on way.  Nice store.  We picked up steaks and frozen vegetables for supper.  

Mermaid Cake
Flip Flops Cake

After we got back to the resort we changed into bathing outfits, went swimming in the pool. The water was not as cool as it was the other day.  It was because of the heat, but it felt good to be in the water.

After supper we left for the show. It was Erwin's birthday gift.  After picking up tickets we were seated in the 7th row.

The Acrobats of Shanghai show was very outstanding. The performers were very talented.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  The show lasted about an hour and 40 minutes.

Good day for us in spite of the heat wave.

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