Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 2, 2015 - Columbia, MO to Sedalia, MO

The weather looked very dreary this morning, but it was not raining which is always good for when it comes to closing the slideouts and checking out of the campground. 

The appointment for service on our Lil’ Home (LH) is not until 10:30 am and we had enough time to eat breakfast, put the stuff away, check the map for the next destination: Jefferson City, MO (the state’s capitol).

We got to Cummins Service Center little too early and the manager said the FedEx won’t come until after 10:15 am.  Around 10:22 am the FedEx showed up bringing several boxes, which we hoped will be for our LH.  After checking through the boxes the manager informed us that the stabilizer bolt is not the right size and he needed to contact Newmar Headquarters.  This meant no service today.  The air filter is here, but we told them not to replace the air filter, but wait until the bolt comes in.

Since the shop closed for the holiday there is no service from July 3 through July 5.  We did not want to stay in Columbia few more days and decided to head south to Jefferson City, MO (the state's capitol).

Before we started sightseeing in Jefferson City, MO we stopped at Bandanas BBQ for lunch.  

Chicken Tenders, Fried Okra, Baked Potato

Again, there were lots of parking meters in downtown and around the state capitol, but we managed to find a space not too far from the capital for free.  We walked around the Capitol Complex and went inside the capitol.  It was very beautiful. It has a small museum.

It started to drizzle and we decided not to spend the night in Jefferson City, MO because two Super Walmarts had "No Overnight Parking" signs. We decided to continue on to Sedalia, MO. 

Along the way we stopped in Tipton, MO to check out Dutch Bakery & Bulk Food Store that is operated by Amish families.  The "8 Ball" water tower is right behind the store.  The store has all kinds of sweets, nuts, cereals and other stuff in bulk. There was this very obese man with a shopping cart FULL of different kinds of candy, sweet rolls and fattening things! Jeez!! That put a damper on our shopping. 

See, our cart is still empty!
Colorful sugar display!
Grains and pasta
Upon arriving in Sedalia we checked out the Super Walmart, WHOA!!! We were SHOCKED to see Steel beams across the entrances with clearance signs on them 12' 6". Our LH is 12' 6" and we are not going to risk damaging our LH!

Needless to say that Walmart did not get any business from us and never will, nor will any other Walmart that does this! However, I can understand why they are doing this! Too many campers have abused their hospitality, staying too long, leaving trash behind, too noisy, opening slideouts, taking more space than necessary! I have even seen people setting up tents next to their camper. We never leave trash behind and stay only as long as necessary. We usually shop there whenever we dry camp there!

We searched in our half-priced camping book and found one in Sedalia, went there to check in, was greeted by an old man in a dirty T-shirt and only one front snaggletooth, chewing tobacco and with spittle running down his chin, trying to talk around the wad of chaw and more spittle running down his chin onto his T-shirt! Yech! Needless to say we did camp there one night and checked out the next day! NO, we did not take a picture of him!

The campground was not in a great shape. We wondered why it was approved by Passport America and we need to inform the company.  We got site #A5 and it was $23 a night.  

Since the campground does not offer Wifi Edith wanted to go to Starbucks, so she can edit and post travel blog.  While there she was surprised to see an Amish young couple using laptop and smartphone.  It made us wonder if the Amish community has lifted it's strict use of modern gadgets?

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