Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July 23, 2015 - White Springs, FL

Thunders and lightning lasted through early morning, but it was sunny when we stepped out.  It was already too warm, but Edith went out for a walk.  

While walking around the campsite Edith spotted several Golden Orb Weaver spiders, went back to Lil' Home (LH) to get her camera.  She went back to where the spiders were and took pictures.  

Golden Orb Weaver Spider
Edith was in mood to go out for a drive somewhere, wanted to check out Big Shoals and Little Shoals.  Erwin wanted to stay "home" and do woodburning a bit.  

On way to Big Shoals Edith stopped by to take a look at the historic Telford Hotel that is now closed.  It was built in 1902 and hosted famous people like Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft, along with Robert Ripley of Believe It Or Not.  It fell into disrepair after the interstate was built.  It is rumored that paranormal activities have  been reportedly going on in there.

Since Edith was driving the Jeep she wanted to see how well it handles in the woods. She chose to drive on the ATV trail at Little Shoals, but by the time she got to the end of the trail the gate was locked.  Since the trail is good for one way she was worried that she may not be able to move the Jeep around, but she managed it.  

After Edith got back from off roading trip she and Erwin went to Stephen Foster museum within the state park where it features dioramas and exhibits about his famous songs, including Old Folks at Home, more commonly known by the words of its first line as "(Way Down Upon the Swanee River."

Stephen Foster Museum
Painting of Stephen Foster 

Later on in the afternoon Edith and Erwin stopped by the gift shop, so Erwin can take a look at woodturned bowls that Edith saw yesterday.  He asked the saleslady for information on the artist because he wanted to see if the guy would be interested in buying tools from him.  Few minutes later the lady came back and gave the name and phone number. Erwin called him and left a message, he returned the call a few hours later and agreed to meet us in the campground. They talked about their turning and tools and Erwin showed him some of his woodburning works. He said he already has a lathe but would be interested in some of Erwin's rosewood. He said he has to go out of town that weekend but would get in touch with Erwin on Monday.

This was our last night of camping before we head back to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow morning. :(

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