Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July 11, 2015 - Branson, MO

It is a sunny day, but it was already warm in the morning.  It is going to be a hot day.
Jeep - 117. 076

We stopped by the concierge desk to purchase tickets to Amazing Acrobats of China show for Monday, July 13.  There were few people already in front of us and it was a long wait before we got there.  Edith got tickets for Erwin’s birthday present (his birthday is on the 14th).  The regular price for one adult is $44, but we received VIP ticket prices, which is $22 each (Half price off). There are two performances at 3 pm or 8 pm and we chose a 8 pm performance.

After we got the tickets we drove on the Yellow Route to Butterfly Palace.  We have a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 at half price.  For Seniors it is $16.95 before discount.  So, we saved quite a bit by using coupon and getting tickets at Senior’s rate.  To be admitted to the palace we must wear bright pink wristbands, which is good for 3 days.  We can come back tomorrow or Monday. 

There is a list of activities going on.   There is a Mirror Maze (it was fun) and the Great Banyan Forest Maze. 

Mirror Maze 
Elvis Presley Butterfly Sculpture
The alphabet found on various butterflies

The guide inside the rainforest explained about what to do when we are in the butterfly haven.  No touching, no handling.  “What if the butterfly lands on me?”, Erwin asked.  “That’s okay, just let it go”, the guide said.  The first butterfly we looked at landed on Erwin’s finger and Edith had to call in one of the guides.  She told Erwin to shake it off.  

Listening to the guy playing a Hammered Dulcimer!
Shrimp Plant

Edith took some great pictures of butterflies.  Some of them she would love to get a picture of, but they were busy flying and flying and not resting on anything.  It started to feel warm inside the rainforest.  Then Edith’s camera batteries were almost out.  We decided to leave and come back here tomorrow.

We got back to the resort, made lunch, rested a bit, checked email, news, etc.. While the camera batteries were being charged we decided to hit the pool for a while.  Boy, it felt so good.. Could not sunbath very long. Erwin's eyes were squinting the whole time cause he forgot his sunglasses.  We must have stayed at the pool for about an hour or so.

There are so many musical/talk shows in the town, but we were not interested in buying tickets to any of them.

We decided to go out for a ride outside of Branson, went on , then to Hollister.  On way we stopped to check out Showboat.  The water was 11 feet higher than normal.  Dinner cruise cost $50, which includes a show, but if you want to take a tour in Captain’s Row it will be $69.  We did not go, but stayed and watched it leaving the dock.

The water is 11' above the normal level


Next stop was Table Rock State Park Marina/Campground.  The campground is FULL.  It was really crowded, so we decided not to visit the marina.

Along the route there is a scenic overlook and we pulled over to check out the view. Across the road is an ice cream place called Scoops. No, we did not get ice cream even though it was very hot outside.   

After we got back to the resort we rested a bit with Erwin watching a movie and Edith catching up on travel notes.

Edith prepared seared rib-eye steaks and green beans with shelly beans.  We watched Lethal Weapon 3.

It turned out that this is the afternoon and night of Lethal Weapon movies.  We got comfortable by lying on the bed and watching Lethal Weapon, then Lethal Weapon 2.  Normally, we don’t watch TV or movies while traveling, but there was nothing else to do so...

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