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July 9, 2015 - Branson, MO

Still raining!!! Puddles were everywhere.  This makes it little hard to go outside to put away the water hose, electrical plug.  

View of Branson from the campground
The check-in time at The Suites at Fall Creek timeshare resort was not until 4 pm. It was 9 am when we left the campground, but Erwin wanted to see if we could leave our Lil' Home (LH) at the RV/boat storage area at the resort.

The resort is about 5-6 miles from Branson town center.  We asked the front desk if it was possible to leave our LH in the storage area while we go sightseeing for the day.  They assigned us to a room already and gave the parking pass for LH. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

After we got the parking pass we moved the LH to the storage area, unhooked the Jeep, so we can use it to go sightseeing.

The first stop was at Mount Pleasant Winery to sample their wines.  Each of us chose up to 5 different wines, so we had 10 wines to sample.  There were some we liked, but we decided not to buy any bottles.

Sampling coconut liqueur 

It was almost lunchtime and we were already hungry.  We wanted to check out Branson's famous World Largest Chicken that wears a star-spangled vest and bow tie.  The Great American Steak and Chicken House is built under a Giant Rooster.  You walk right under it to go inside the restaurant. If you stand right where its rear end is you might be .....  It is indeed a great photo opportunity. We decided that we were going to have lunch there.  They serve a lot of Southern fried foods.  The foods were good.

Honey cornbread - it is to die for!!! 
Full-size tractor above the salad bar 
How did they get it up there?

After lunch we went to Stone Hill Winery to sample their wines.  We went on a tour and then sampled wines afterwards.  There there is no limit on how many wines we can sample.  Some we liked, some we did not.  Again, we did not buy any.

Vintage Grape Press 

Wine Bottle Holder  

Beginning of the tour 

Sampling wines
After the tour we went back to the timeshare resort to pick up something from the LH that we forgot to take along this morning. An umbrella!!!

LH parked at the storage area
Our dear friend Kelly G, who grew up in Missouri, recommended that we go visit Silver Dollar City theme attraction.  It was open in May 1960 and the theme is 1880's.  At that time the weather was alright we decided to go over there.   After we parked the car and started walking toward the attraction the sky looked threatening and the clouds almost as black. Erwin said "It is going to rain". We did not want to take a chance, so we went back to the car, left the parking lot, went back to Branson. 

We went to Historic Downtown Branson. Traffic was horrible downtown because everybody was there shopping/sightseeing/browsing and there were no available parking spots downtown. So we went a little further away from downtown to a park with many empty parking spaces. It was too far to walk downtown with the threat of rain hanging around overhead. We watched the river flowing swiftly and there were hundreds of Canadian Geese (No, we did not ask to see their passports, we don't speak Geese) :-)

At first the fog started near the trees on the far bank just to the left of the picture, as we  watched it got larger and expanded rapidly, almost like there was a fog machine there.

The Geese decided they better head somewhere else when the fog reached just past the middle of the river, they all followed Simon, the leader!

This little kid must have caught a bunch of fish, seems every time we looked at him, he was reeling in a fish and his grandparents unhooked it for him and re-baited his hook.

Below is video of driving in the rain (not dancing) on the way back to the resort.

Entrance to The Suites at Fall Creek Timeshare Resort

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