Saturday, August 8, 2015

July 7, 2015 - Columbia, MO to Saint Robert, MO

It was not raining when we got up, but there were puddles everywhere.  It was overcast and very cool. It was probably in high 50s or low 60’s.

Today is the day, one year ago, that Edith’s beloved momma departed from the Earth.  We were vacationing in Minnesota at that time when Edith’s brother called to tell us the news. We DO miss her a lot.

We were just sitting at the dining table doing things while waiting for the FedEx van to arrive around 10:30 am with the part that we need. Boone, the mechanic assigned to work on our Lil’ Home (LH), walked up to tell us that he is ready to work on the LH.  At 11 am Erwin drove it into the bay and Boone started working underneath and replaced the sway bar kit.  We were allowed to stay inside the LH while Boone was working.  

One of the old sway bar bolts was broken and we found out that the second one was slightly bent.  Both of them were replaced with the kit that is way much better and stronger.     

Old sway bar bolts
One on the left is slightly bent and the one on the right is broken
Removing old air filter
Air filter is way bigger than we thought!

Erwin even chipped in to help Boone put the access panel back in
We thanked Boone and Glen for their great help.  We left the shop around 2 pm after paying the bill (OUCH!).  That is to be expected when owning a big rig.  

Boone, the mechanic
From 763 we took I-70 East to 63 South.  In Jefferson City we were on US 50 then back on 63 South to Rolla, MO.  It was still misty and very foggy.  

Edith wanted to see two roadside attractions, but found that there is no place for us to park, so we went by them.  We got “lost” for few miles, wanted to get back on I-44.  The road became narrower and narrower and there was one lane bridge, but we made it out without scratching the LH.  Much to our relief we soon saw a sign for I-44.

We arrived Saint Roberts, MO at 4:30 pm. It was drizzling still.  We decided to dry camp at Super Walmart and there were two motorhomes and a semi truck parked near us.

Edith checked on the computer to see if there is an availability for a room at a timeshare resort in Branson, MO for 6 nights. A studio room for 2 guests is available, but before we went ahead to reserve it Erwin called the office and asked about RV/Boat storage where we could leave our LH while we stay at the resort.  Yes, there is, and we got a room for July 9 through July 15.

Edith did not have to cook anything for supper and we had two leftovers: beef stew or hamburger stroganoff. 

Afterwards we shopped at Walmart picking up more fruits, crackers, fresh vegetables. When we got back to the LH more trucks were parked nearby.

For dessert we had lemon cake with fresh sliced strawberries, blackberries and whipped cream.

Dessert and Edith's bulletproof coffee
We made a list of places to visit in Strafford, MO and Springfield, MO tomorrow on our way to Branson, MO.

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