Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 12, 2015 - Branson, MO & Springfield, MO

After breakfast Edith peeked out the window, saw it is very sunny, but was not sure how hot it is going to be.

Erwin suggested that we drive to Springfield, MO, explore a bit since the weather was nice. 

We were on our way to check out one attraction, but Erwin spotted an unusual burial and alerted Edith about it. Of course, she told Erwin to go in the cemetery.  So many unusual tombstones, monuments, etc.  She could easily stay there all day, but it was already a hot morning.  Snap, snap and snap, get out of here fast! (actually not fast!)

Japanese or Chinese burial?

Probably the works of vandals years ago?
Erwin was tickled pink when he found out there is a store called Grizzly Tools.  He used to order tools from them and their quality is superior.  Well, we got to the store and were puzzled that there were no cars parked there.  It is CLOSED on Sundays.  :-(

Edith wanted to check out one roadside attraction: World's Largest Fork. It is located in the parking lot of Noble & Associates advertising agency. It stands 35 foot tall!

See how tiny Edith is!  (From the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids"?)

We were on way to check out another roadside attraction when we saw an electronic sign on the road about Traveling Version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  It was at the American Legion Vietnam War Memorial Post 639.  It was the last day for viewing, so we decided to pull in there to see what was going on. There were booths, displays, etc.

This is supposed to be a mini replica of the original wall in Wash DC but it looks pretty darn big!

From there we went to Bass Pro Shop, the Grandaddy of all Outdoor Stores.  The store is HUGE, I mean really HUGE, it has several museums, cafe, snack bar and many more.  It took us several hours to walk around because the store is is almost 500,000 square feet in size making it the largest Bass Pro Shops in existence! We could not see everything in one day but told ourselves "We'll be back" . And they are working on additions to it! The addition looks like another whole Bass Pro Shop from somewhere else added on!

Uncle Buck Statue in front of the store

There were so many of these types of displays

Ceiling displays

We had lunch at Hemingway Blue Water Cafe. The food there was awesome!
Aquarium at the bar inside the cafe

Erwin's first helping
Erwin's second helping

The dessert bar

Ernest Hemingway

After lunch we toured some museums

Alligator Gar

Soft shelled turtle

We were starting to feel tired and ready to go back to Branson, but Edith wanted to check out Pythian Castle that was originally built in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias and later owned by the U.S. Military. 

Route 66 Birthplace
Few 1950 cars, telephone booth, signs were displayed at Best Western motel.

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