Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July 21, 2015 - Chipley, FL & De Funiak Springs, FL

Already a nice morning.  It was 80's at 8:45 am when we went out for the day.

Edith wanted to show Erwin some places she checked out the day before. We went to Bonifay because Edith wanted Erwin to take a look at Waits Mansion.  He was impressed with its beauty.  The gate was open, but there was nobody on the property. 

We were on way to Ponce de Leon State Park  when Erwin saw a pond with lots of lily pads and the crape myrtles lined up.  

We had never been to Ponce de Leon State Park and have heard so much about how beautiful the spring is.  This beautiful spring is named for Juan Ponce de León, who led the first Spanish expedition to Florida in 1513.  The water temperature remains a constant 68-70 degrees year-round.  There were few bathers dipping, tubing/swimming.  We did not know that the park is a recreational area, meaning there is no campground.   There are two self-guided nature trails and we went on one.  It was a good thing that the forest was lush that provided lots of shades because we were already dripping sweat during our hike.  

Checking out the water temperature!

We went  De to Funiak Springs, FL to check out Lake DeFuniak. We took a walk around the lake two years ago. It is one of a few Florida lakes that is almost perfectly round! However, due to lots of rains the lake is flooded and  most of the loop sidewalk is under water, so we were not able to walk around.  Another time!

Erwin spotted a used bookstore and wanted to check it out.  While he was browsing around Edith explored the historic district, saw an interesting feature for electric cars. if you owned an electric car you could park there and be charging your car, I'm not sure if it was free or for a fee!  

It was already past lunch time and we were hungry.  We wanted BBQ, but the closest one was 11 miles away.  "No, I don't want to drive that far", said Erwin.  Edith looked it up on GPS and told Erwin to try McLain's Family Steak House.  

The parking lot was almost packed.  Usually a good sign that the foods are good (not always). We were told to sit anywhere.  There was a buffet and there were lots of Southern foods.  Only $8.50 for all you can eat! Their fried chicken was outstanding. Everything else was just as good.  

Not too far from the restaurant was Chateauqua Winery.  There is a little store and it has a large selection of home-grown wine varieties straight from Florida vineyards.  They offer free wine tasting daily. Of course, we could not turn it down, sampled 5 different wines.  There was not many we really liked but found one that was acceptable, so we bought one.

Grape Vineyard

Would it be a cool place to live?

After getting back to the campground we relaxed a bit, went out for a walk.  Then Edith went to the gift shop inside the state park where there is wifi, so she can finish updating the blog.  After she was done with it she went inside the gift shop to browse, saw woodturned bowls and vases that were made by a local artist.  Thinking to herself that she needed to tell Erwin to come over to look at them. 

After supper we took a hike to the swimming hole that is not far from the campground.  It had a little sandy beach, but there was a "Warning: Alligators" sign... the water was kinda murky and didn't look too clean.

We were just chilling and relaxing for the rest of the evening.

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