Tuesday, August 18, 2015

July 20, 2015 - Mobile, AL to Chipley, FL

A beautiful morning and already in low 80's. It was very hazy when we stepped out to go for a short walk.

It was at 9 am that we decided to check out of the campground.  The exit lane at the office was very narrow and Erwin had to drive through very very slowly to be sure that our Lil' Home did not hit the roof of the office.  

We took I-65 South to Exit 2 to get on 90/98 (Truck Route), since the tunnel clearance is 12' and the LH is 12' 9".  Also, hazardous cargo is prohibited and we have a propane tank.

US 90/98 Bridge in Mobile, AL
Crossing Mobile Bay
There's the Tunnel we bypassed
USS Alabama Battleship (BB-60)
We will visit it next time we are back in Mobile, AL
After leaving Mobile, AL we stayed on 98 West until we got to Pensacola, FL where we got on I-10 East.

We were thinking of camping at Blackwater State Park, but we realized it is 12 miles out west when we took the exit, so we continued on US 90 to Crestview, FL.  

At a rest area Erwin gave Edith a brief instruction on how to drive the LH.  Edith took over driving and Erwin took a video of her first experience at driving.  


She drove for 39 miles to the next rest area. In all the excitement of her first time driving the LH she forgot to fasten her seat belt till after the first video ended, she did put it on then. 

In Crestview, FL Edith shopped at Publix, her favorite grocery store. She picked up fresh vegetables and fruits. She was oh so happy to be shopping at Publix again.

Back to I-90 then to Falling Waters State Park south of Chipley, FL.  Got site #13. It was a pretty tight space but Erwin managed to get the LH parked.  While backing in Edith noticed that the light bulb for brake was out.

We did not go anywhere after arriving here. Edith was pooped out and took a nap while Erwin read a book.

After Edith's nap she decided she wanted to drive around and explore. Erwin did not want to join.

Chipley, FL did not have an auto parts store, so she continued driving west to Bonifay, FL

In Bonifay, FL Edith stopped at Cloud Auto Parts Inc and bought light bulbs for the brakes.  Then she started exploring.  

Waits Mansion in Bonifay, FL is beautiful. It is a historic 2-story Mediterranean Revival style house and was built in 1920 by lumber owner George Orkney Waits.  It is currently up for sale and it looked like it has been on the market for a long time because the property is not well maintained. It is an ideal place for weddings, parties and special events. How sad!  Let's hope that whoever buys this place will put it to a better use.

Waits Mansion

Edith drove back to Chipley to see if there was something worth taking pictures of.  She suddenly spotted an abandoned store.  It used to be a store that sells pecans, buys/sells furs and hides.

After exhausting all possibilities of taking more pictures, Edith went back to the campground. Erwin did a bit of woodburning while Edith was gone.

Feels great to be burning again! That thing on Erwin's head is
magnifying lens so he can see details better.

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