Thursday, August 6, 2015

July 4, 2015 - Sedalia, MO

Happy 4th!

A beautiful morning greeted us when we were on our way to the convention center for breakfast.

Campground at Missouri State Fair

There was a table containing all different kinds of donuts, cinnamon rolls, pastries, etc.  Coffee and hot tea were served, also.   We were seated with a couple from Texas, fulltimers (they still own a house).  They shared their travel experiences, gave us tips, has a website sharing their stories.  We like to talk to RVers because we can get valuable information and tips, such as service center and Rallies.

There was one seminar going on at 9:15 am: Wash/Wax All. Very interesting products.  We were sold on their products.  Aircraft companies use them on planes because it does not require use of water (especially in areas where washing is not allowed or if there is a drought and washing is prohibited.)

Wash/Wax Seminar
After the seminar there was a pet parade on the stage. Some dogs were dressed up in costumes.  There was a guy with 3 little dogs and one of them was very old, walked slowly , peed on the stage.

The dog, on the left, left a mess on the stage :-(
Dachshund wearing a costume
Erwin's great nephew, Chester informed us that there was mail for us and Erwin went over to his house to pick it up. We use mail forwarding service that is based in Three Forks, MT.  

Chester, like his mom Ruby and two sisters Vida and Josie, is a talented artist. He is a Jack of All Trades.  His house is like an art gallery.  He has a workshop, so he and Erwin spent time talking about woodworking.

Chester wanted to see our LH and Erwin took him over to see it.  He was impressed with it.  While there Erwin showed him the psaltery and Chester liked it.  

Erwin & his great nephew, Chester

Erwin & Chester
Erwin showing Chester his woodturned bowl
Erwin took him back home while Edith stayed behind to catch up on travel notes.  
After dropping Chester off Erwin proceeded to change the license tags on LH and the Jeep. We had temporary tags that were going to expire on the 9th of July.

YES, we registered both vehicles in the state of Montana.  Also, Erwin decided to apply for  Montana driver's license.  Edith decided to keep her Florida driver's license. 

Whooo... Personalized Montana tag for LH
For the Jeep
Thumb up!

When Erwin dropped Chester at home, he said "Wait a minute, I have something for you." He went inside and came back out with this contraption! It's called a Kalimba and often called a Thumb Drum because you hold it in your hands and use your thumbs to pluck the notes. Chester made this himself! Thank you very much Chester!
Erwin and the Kalimba that Chester made
Early supper was served at Passport America rally at 2:30 pm. Cut watermelons filled up 4 long tables.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks were served.  Two couples, one from Texas and the other from FL, sat with us while dining. 

There were few cake sheets with July 4th decorations.  After we were done eating we went back to the LH to rest a while.

There was an horse show inside the fairgrounds, so we went inside to watch.  Lots of beautiful horses.  Also, some of the riders' outfits are awesome.

Huh? Is that a comb?

This young lad won blue ribbon
After the horse show we went to the grandstand for the fireworks show.  It was around 7:30, which was too early for fireworks, but they had a band playing.  Dirt Road Addiction is the name of the band.  Even though we cannot hear well we could feel the beat and it was good.  There were people dancing down there.  They had a table selling T-shirts and many people were buying them.

Dirt Road Addiction performing

National Anthem

The firework show lasted about 45 minutes.  They were pretty and spectacular, but not as eye-popping or wow like Washington D.C. or New York City.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed every minute of it and the weather was very pleasant.

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