Monday, August 17, 2015

July 17, 2015 - Little Rock, AR to Hattiesburg, MS

Edith was up at 6 am.  Blue sky with no clouds. It was not too hot outside like it was yesterday.

After checking out of the campground we got on I-30 West then to I-530 South.  The road conditions were very smooth.  

Getting on I-30 West
Crossing the Mighty Arkansas River
Little Rock downtown
It was a pretty morning for our travel, but the haze was present but not as heavy. 

We have to watch these signs and avoid them when
 it says 12' 6" or less cause our Lil' Home won't fit under that!
Now on 65 South, entered Louisiana state line at 11:25 am.

There are dikes off US 65 in Lake Providence, LA.  There are rows and rows of pecan trees.

We pulled into Hubbards Gas Station in Utica, MS and fixed lunch.  After lunch we got on 27, a beautiful countryside road and there were a few tree canopies.

Erwin mentioned that driving 5 hours a day is really tiresome and suggested that we go no more than 3 hours. Too much stress on mental and physical stamina (we're seniors, retired, and in no hurry!).

We arrived in Hattiesburg. MS at 3:45 pm, missed the turn to the campground. We went past it 10 miles, had to turn around.  The sign was not very clear, which was why we missed it.  We got site #61 at Okatoma Resort & RV Park (outside of Hattiesburg). Very nice campground!

After we settled down it rained briefly. The rainbow showed up!  The sunset was beautiful.

We spent the evening and night working on a butterfly puzzle. We did not finish it!

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