Saturday, January 28, 2017

November 17-23, 2016 - Bozeman & Three Forks, MT

During this week there was not much activity going on with the exception of Dustin and Erwin hunting. Edith had been helping Keri with making and finishing pageant outfits for the girls.  

One day Erwin was off from hunting we decided to go out to explore some areas, to have the Jeep get a bath, to do the laundry.  

Daddy teaching his girl how to fish
Steel Sculpture 
Abandoned Building near Gallatin National Forest
Vintage Motel Sign
Vintage Motel Sign
Log Cabin and Gallatin National Forest in Bozeman
Flyin' High over Gallatin National Forest
Sunset at Three Forks 

Dustin and Erwin went to Beaverhead National Forest in southern Montana near Yellowstone, to hunt for elk or deer.  They left very early in the morning when it was still dark to get in position by time sun came up.  It was tough walking in the dark on unfamiliar territory, it was difficult to see the ground clearly and Erwin kept stumbling but luckily never fell.  This skull was set upon a tree root along the trail. Dustin thought it was a horse skull.  We trekked about 7 1/2 miles up hill going in and downhill coming out, we saw some elk but they were too far away to shoot!
Lake completely iced over above 8,500 ft elevation
Beautiful scenery but can you see any elk?
Look thru a powerful spotting scope and see the next picture!
You can only see about 1/3 of the herd of elk,
all on private property!

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