Monday, January 23, 2017

October 13-19, 2016 - Yellowstone, WY; Las Vegas, NV; Bozeman & Three Forks, MT

We had an appointment with Big Sky RV for service on one slideout in our Lil' Home (LH). It was little off and needed to be calibrated.  
While the LH was being serviced on we went to the town of Bozeman to have breakfast at the Western Cafe on Main Street.  It is a very popular dining place for breakfast for locals.  The decor was very interesting.  We were satisfied with our breakfast. After breakfast we went to the Clothesline to do the laundry.
The snow was still on the ground all around the town.  Bozeman tends to have more snow than Three Forks.  
Not dead yet!
Our 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, purchased in May 2015, hit 140k miles.  We got it when it had 113k miles on it and hope to have it running for few more years.
During the week Dustin and Erwin went to Gardiner, MT to check out hunting spots for elk and deer. They saw elks, but they were either on private or state properties.
Feeding Bull Elk in Mammoth, Yellowstone Park
Edith went with Keri, Sasha, Nikkol and Zella to Las Vegas, NV for the pageant.  We stayed at Alexis Park where the pageant was held at.  
Zella doing her Beauty routine
Sasha doing her Beauty routine
Nikkol doing her Out of Choice routine
Cambrie, the coach with her pupils.  On the right is Cambrie with Nikkol, Zella and Sasha

Saturday night after the pageant Edith and Keri went to meet with Keri's friends from Utah at Rio to attend the Chippendales show.  Jason, Keri's uncle living in Las Vegas, watched the girls while we were out having fun. Nyle DiMarco, the deaf guy who won America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, was a guest star at the show.  
Edith is seated in front of Nyle and Keri is right behind Nyle
We usually have games played almost every night at the Traver's residence.  Pictured here was the Spoon game.  Lots of fun! 

Roadside Attractions

Keri and Dustin's Little Ones
Kalista eating a snack
Hunter and Kalista under the bed. They were trying to hid from Erwin
Dustin and Erwin went to a spot to practice shooting again.  One more week before the hunting season began.
Dustin instructing his son, Conner, how to shoot
Not too bad, eh?
Sunkissed landscape as seen from Keri's house

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