Thursday, January 5, 2017

September 20, 2016 - Spokane, WA to Clinton, MT

During breakfast in Char's house, we tried to catch up on last minute news before we bid each other good-bye. We gave friends a tour of our Lil' Home.  Char’s son, Darrell, showed us his stuff he got while he lived in Alaska.  He gave us tips on places to visit for our next year's trip to Alaska (if that will happen).
From left: Lillian, Laura, Edith, Char, Erwin and Elaine
After we took turns taking pictures of each other and hugging we left Char’s place at 12:15 pm. GPS instructed us to get on Lindeke Road, so we followed, but came to a stop when we saw that the overpass clearance was at 11'.  Our Lil's Home's clearance is 12'6".  Because Erwin was not able to back up with the Jeep in tow we had to unhook it.  Few cars were waiting behind us and Edith had to go out to help direct the traffic.  Erwin was able to back up the LH to an area where he can turn it around to go back where we came from. It took us a while before we finally got on I-90 West.
We arrived Idaho state line at 1:05 pm. took Exit #15 to get diesel fill-up ($2.53 per gal) at Mobil on Sherman Ave in Ceur d’Alene, ID.

Coeur d'Alene Lake
There was a road construction on I-90, few miles east of Coeur d'Alene, ID.  It seemed like anywhere we go there is usually some type of road work. In some cases we see barriers everywhere but no one around doing any work, or lots of white hats standing around watching the poor fella doing all the work alone.

We went to one turnout to fix late lunch.  While on a break we checked the app for a campground to stay in Montana.  Erwin called Barmouth RV Park ahead to be sure there is an available campsite and was assured that there will be plenty when we get there.

We made it to Montana state line at 6:10 pm.  The road condition was still very good.  We completely forgot about the time zone change after entering Montana.  We were hoping to get to the campground around 6 pm and realized that we won't make it until past 6:30 pm.

We took another break at one rest area.  While there it started to drizzle, then turned into heavy rain.  There were pretty colorful trees around.
We arrived Bearmouth RV Park in Clinton, MT at 6:45 pm.  One night's stay was $31.50 per night with Good Sam discount. Since it does not accept credit cards we wrote a check since we were short on cash.

We were worn out from the long trip from Spokane, WA that we did not do much after settling here. Edith prepared a quick dish that did not require lots of prep.  

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