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November 3-9, 2016 - Las Vegas, NV; Cameron, MT; Willow Creek, MT & Three Forks, MT

On November 4 Edith was up before the dawn's early light. Dustin and Erwin were already gone hunting. After checking out the weather and the sky condition Edith decided to go out for a drive in and around Willow Creek.  It was 21˚ and the frost was all over the ground.  
Interesting Frost Shapes on the front panel of our Lil' Home
As the Jeep was slowing rolling with Edith looking out sideways for wildlife there stood a nice looking mule buck on the middle of the road.  Edith fumbled to get the camera out of the bag.  The buck took off, jumped over the fence and it was gone before she could get a picture of it.  There were few female mule deer grazing.   Not too far from the lovely ladies were two bucks who were showing off while sparring.  The fog started to roll in, making the scenery very interesting.
Tobacco Root Mountains
One Lane Williams Bridge 

On November 8 Edith went out early in the morning looking for a spot to get pictures of the sunrise.  She did not venture very far from Keri's house as she found a good spot at the top of the country road. 
West Yellowstone Mountains
Civil colors over Gallatin National Forest
Keri's horse, Stardust
Sunset as seen from Keri and Dustin's place
Dustin and Erwin went hunting every day to several spots.  Dustin suggested to go to Cameron, MT where there are usually a large herd of elks and deer.  That was where they saw a very large herd of elk, but they were on private property :( and hunting there is by permission only from ranchers who seldom give permission to people they don't know! 
The map to show where State and BLM lands are allowed
for hunting. The green shaded area is State of Montana land
Sunrise in Cameron, MT
Awesome scenery from the back country
My footprint at about 9,300 ft elevation
Starting with this picture, the next 3 is a panoramic scene
Life goes on or not!
Antelopes, Erwin did not have a license for them!
Mule deer, all does, waiting for a buck to join them
This one finally did!
Erwin's first ever 2x2 mule buck
This was where I got this buck, near Yellowstone!
(Did you think I was going to give away my location?)
On November 9 we, along with Keri, Dustin and their kids, left Three Forks for Las Vegas, Nevada where there will be a pageant for Keri's four girls.  We checked into Stratosphere Casino/ Hotel very tired and hungry.  It was a long drive from home.  
Moonrise in Utah
Water Tower in Utah

On our way to Las Vegas

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