Sunday, January 29, 2017

December 1, 2016 - Warrenton, MO to Columbus, AL

Erwin got up quite early, started the engine, left Walmart at 5:15 am, then stopped to get diesel full up at Thoele Conviencence ($2.09 per gal) near Walmart.  

We got "lost" in St. Louis, MO, went on the wrong interstate. The GPS kept telling us to go to St. Louis downtown and we did not want to. We wanted to continue on the interstate, so Edith had to redo the information on GPS.  We had talked about getting a new GPS  (maybe it is wrapped and tucked unter the Christmas tree?).  We went past the St. Louis Cardinals stadium and the Arch.  It was still dark, so Edith was not able to get pictures.

We finally got on the right way to get on I-55 for Memphis, TN. The morning sky was clear, no clouds. It was not as cold or windy as it was yesterday.  We arrived Tennessee State line at 2 pm.

Edith took over the driving and drove for almost 100 miles.  Her confidence has gotten little better.  

We picked up lunch in Jackson, TN, rest a bit. We did not want to take long breaks because if we did we would not make it to Fernandina Beach tomorrow.

After getting another diesel fill up ($2.19 per gal) at Jim’s Best Stop in Selmer, TN we continued our trek until we entered Alabama State line at 2:25 pm.  

Traffic was TERRIBLE in Birmingham, AL. The GPS could have given us the shortest/fastest route, BUT instead led us into the heart of the city.  It took us over 45 minutes to finally get out of Birmingham.

Erwin was feeling tired, needed to stop somewhere for the night, so we went to Phenix City Walmart in the suburb of Columbus, AL. There were many semis parked at the parking lot. Erwin checked with the store manager to be sure that we could park our LH here.  The manager advised us to park at the very far end of the lot, so we don't hog the parking spaces near the store.  We had no trouble finding a space long enough for the LH and the Jeep.

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