Tuesday, January 24, 2017

October 27-November 2, 2016 - Cardwell, Willow Creek & Three Forks, MT

Not much activity going on during this week with the exception of Erwin's daily hunting trip to various places.

Erwin wanted to go back to Willow Creek area again.  The last time he hiked there he saw few deer not too far from the State land.  Again, he had no luck getting a deer.
Getting ready for hiking/hunting
No idea what animal it was

One day during the week we went out for a drive to check out one hunting ground that Dustin talked about.  Cemetery Hill Road is near Cardwell, MT, not too far from Lewis and Clark Caverns on Highway 2.  It has some State and BLM properties that allow hunting.  We scouted all around as we traveled along the bumpy road for about 5-10 miles and there was no sign of wildlife.
Abandoned Log Cabin
Fall Decor along the side of the road
View of the landscape from Cemetery Hill Road
Edith loves to take timelapse videos of the clouds.  Because there is a banana belt here she took several time-lapse videos. Check the video below. Notice how the clouds in the back kept rolling and rolling without moving forward.  That was fantastic to watch.

Video - Time-lapse of the Clouds 

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