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November 29, 2016 - Three Forks, MT to Scottsbluff, NE

Today, Nov 29th, is the day we left Montana for Florida.. It was hard leaving the mountains we love and the family we spent more than two months with.  

We had planned on leaving at 5 am, but we overslept until 6 am.  Before leaving we went in the house to say so long to Dustin and Keri and thanked them for letting us stay at their home.  

It was still pitch black with few stars in sight, including the Orion. It was about an hour before the sun came up.

After towing the Jeep to the Lil' Home (LH) we noticed that the signal/braking lights were not functioning properly again. It looked like the connectors are starting to get bad.  We may have to take it to the shop and have them replaced.  We had them replaced when we were in Washington state last August. 

Last night we discussed about how far to drive in a day, decided to go 600-700 miles a day. It is over 2,000 miles from Three Forks to Florida. We were hoping to be at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach on December 1st, but we knew we were not going to make it.  We may be a day or two late.

We stopped at Town 'n Pump in Three Forks to get hot drinks and breakfast pastries . It was 6:55 am when we finally got on I-90 East.

There was still a blanket of snow on the ground. It snowed last night while we were on way back "home" from Bozeman, MT.  Snowplows were plowing the road east between Bozeman and Columbus.  After we passed Columbus, MT there was no visible snow at all.
Crazy Mountains near Big Timber, MT
There was a light road construction on I-90 before Billings,MT.  The right lane was closed for several miles, but there was no machinery around and the working crew was not seen anywhere. Don't you hate that?

We swung by Pierce RV in Billings, MT to get propane tank filled up. While waiting for the fill up Erwin went in the store to buy two LED bulbs to replace the flickering ones in the dining room.  
The weather was blustery with 30+ mph winds.  It was hard to open the LH door.
We decided to go to Costco to get diesel fill up because it was $1.99 per gal. The cheapest we had seen so far.  The regular gas was at $1.89. While filing up the LH Edith checked the weather news for snow report east of Montana. All looked good. 

We spent 45 minutes in Billings before we finally left at 10:45 am.  We continued on I-90.

Like we said earlier about the winds, Erwin mentioned that he had a hard time keeping the LH inside the lane because the winds kept pushing the LH away from the lane.

Near Indian Arrow, MT

There was an electronic sign advising of strong winds and for motorists to turn off cruise control. At that time the wind speed was 50+ mph!

We took exit #56B to get on I-25 toward Casper, WY.  Edith had been checking weather news and radar once in a while to be sure we were not going to get caught in snowstorm or adverse conditions. So far so good.

Grey Cliffs near Antelope Hills, WY
Edith started to sneeze quite alot, had head colds, started to feel weak, so she decided not to take turns driving the Lil' Home.  
Jackalope Hilltop Silhouette near Douglas, WY
Genuine Mythical Jackrabbit/Antelope hybrid
After the sunset
We arrived Nebraska state line at 6 pm, and no, Edith did not get a picture of Nebraska state sign because it was dark outside and Erwin missed it. 

Erwin did not want to continue driving and needed much rest for next day's drive.  Edith looked up the RV Park app and suggested to park at Walmart in Scottsbluff, NE on Highway 26. 

The LH was rocked occasionally because the winds were blowing at 30+ mph. The temperature was 34˚. 

While Edith was nursing her head colds Erwin went to Walmart to pick up foods for our dinner.  Both of us didn't feel like cooking. 

A semi pulled up alongside us. We went ro bed around 9 pm. We had the furnance on during the night.

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