Sunday, January 29, 2017

December 3, 2016 - Fernandina Beach, FL

Even though we had a good night's sleep we were still exhausted from our long drive from Montana, but we wanted to go off today.

We wanted to do the laundry and we found one not too far from the state park. After the clothes were washed, dried and folded we went to Great Clips. We were  in need of haircuts badly.  Erwin started to look like a mountain man with scraggly beard and long hair.  Edith's hair was somewhat out of control and she had a hard time styling it.  There is Great Clips in Amelia Island/Yulee.  It did not take long before we were called in for haircut. Erwin had his beard trimmed, also. Coming out of the salon we felt so much better and lighter..
Before our haircuts
Edith shopped at JoAnn Fabrics that was not too far from Great Clips.  She wanted to see if there was Christmas fabrics she could find for Keri.  Keri wanted to make Christmas placemats, but did not find the fabric during recent Black Friday sale in Bozeman.  No luck! 

We went to Home Depot across the street from the shopping center to take a look at custom and vintage cars.  Santa and Mrs were there to greet the visitors.  Looking at the '57 Chevy brought back good memories for both of us.  
He was one of the idols Edith adored when she was a young girl
Traffic was terrible in Yulee, FL.  The town has gotten bigger and more businesses are building up . And we must admit, the town is going to be very crowded and traffic congested, once completed.

We drove by to check out Amelia Island Lighthouse, were surprised to see that the gate was open. We drove in to get a close-up look of the lighthouse.  In the past the gate was always closed each time we come to visit Fernandina Beach.  The lighthouse was built from bricks re-used from the Cumberland Island Lighthouse in 1839 on land purchased from Mary. Fernandez.  It is 67' tall with walls four feet thick at the base tapering to two feet at the top.  The light is now a third order Fresnel Lens made in Paris and visible from 15 miles away.

See how nice we look after the haircut
Oh yes, the lighthouse looks nice ;-)
After sunset photography at Fort Clinch beach area Edith fixed lemon parmesan chicken (first time she tried this recipe). It came out very delicious and she will definitely cook it again, but next time she will add more fresh parmesan.

Around 7:00 pm we drove to Fort Clinch Fort that is inside the state park for its annual Christmas event.  In lieu of admission fee of $2 we brought two canned goods. A guy, dressed in 1864 Army uniform, was telling stories about Christmas 1864 to the crowd at the entrance of the fort. He then led us to go inside the fort where there are demonstartions.  There was a bonfire where there are people singing Christmas songs with the spectators sitting around the fire.  There were two cannon fires, one at the time after we walked in. Then the second was at 8 pm closing time.

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