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September 18, 2016 - Spokane, WA

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary!
We wanted to spend the day exploring some places in Spokane downtown area and nearby.  Char suggested Edith to visit two cemeteries that were not so far from her home.  Lots of history in both of them.

First stop was to visit Greenwood Memorial Terrace on N. Government Way.  It was founded in 1888 and has 151 acres, but only 85 of them are developed.  There are three separate terraces.  Across the street is another cemetery, Riverside Memorial Park.  In the back of the Greenwood Memorial is a non-endowed section where most of the markers have no dates, many with just names. This was for those who could not afford the high cost of maintenance.  Some markers were difficult to read. In the endowed section you will see a lot of upright headstones.  As we were approaching non-endowed section there was a flock of wild turkeys scurrying about in the back of the endowed section.
Spanish American War Cannon
It was manufactured in 1897 and was in action in the
Philippines Islands, 1898-1902
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial
Erected in 1907

Non-endowed section 
 We went across the street from Greenwood Memorial Terrace to visit Riverside Memorial Park.  in 1907 it was a recreational municipal park, but was turned into a cemetery in 1914. It is an upscale cemetery.  There are many private mausoleums.
Rose Circle Niche
Entrance to Rose Circle Niche

Northern Flicker
It came out of a hole under the burial stone
Char's son, Darrell, suggested us to drive on Aubrey L. White Parkway. He said it is a beautiful drive, so we went on it after leaving Riverside Memorial Park. Aubrey L. White was known as the father of Spokane's Parks and served as the first park board president from 1907 to 1922. The parkway winds along the Spokane River with breathtaking views of the river and cliffs.

There was one church that Edith had heard and read about and wanted to visit it.  The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes is on W. Riverside Ave.  It is a Catholic cathedral and is the seat of the Diocese of Spokane. It was founded in 1881.  The cathedral is designed in an Italian Romanesque Revival style.  There are two spires that are 164 feet tall.  There were lots of stained glass windows and they were so beautiful.  The interior was very nice. 

We had plenty of time left before we meet Char and friends for supper at Anothony's, so we cruised through Spokane downtown. Since today is Sunday not many stores were open for business. There were lots of vintage signs on sides of buildings.

Smokestacks at Steam Plant Square
There were metal sculptures in downtown Spokane
We went to the other side of the river to check out Spokane County Superior Courthouse on W. Broadway Ave. A very visual landmark in Spokane area. It looked like an European castle, and the tower is very stunning. It was said that the public hanging took place there in 1900. There were lots of rose gardens all around the courthouse. 
 There was still plenty of time left before going to the restaurant. We walked to the Spokane Falls Skyride at Riverfront Park to get a ride on the gondola.  $6 per person (seniors).  We got to ride over the waterfalls.  The ride was very nice and lasted about 20 minutes.  The day was beautiful, so the view was lovely.

Gondola ride over Spokane Falls
Spokane Falls
While enroute to the base this guy was doing chalk drawing on the sidewalk
The Clock Tower
Chalk drawing
We went inside the River Park Square shopping district, walked around, browsed inside some stores. Edith was so happy to finally find the right kind of balsamic vinegar glaze at Oil/Vingear store.  She wanted to use it on vegetables during grilling.
Inside the Square
The lady was explaining to Erwin about different kinds of balsamic vingear
We had supper with Char and out of town friends at Anthony's at Spokane Falls restaurant. Char and Darrell highly recommended this place because of the spectacular view of the cascading falls. and said the foods are outstanding.  It is located in the heart of downtown Spokane and overlooks the Spokane Falls and upper falls.  It is really a great backdrop for one's experience while dining there.

It was good to see Elaine and Laura again. We knew them from Gallaudet days. Laura used to live not too far from us when we lived in New Carrollton, MD.  Elaine was in Class of '66 and Laura in '71.  It was our first time meeting Lillan. We had heard about her from our friends, who traveled with her in Middle East two years ago.

From left: Char, Elaine, Laura, Edith, Erwin, Lillian and Darrell
Erwin's Surf and Turf
Edith's Dungeness Crab Cakes
After supper we all went back to Char's house, had coffee and light snacks, chatted our heads off until it was late.  

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