Friday, January 13, 2017

September 29 - October 5, 2016

"Take me home,Country Road"
The fall foliage around Three Forks and Bozeman were just beautiful.  Some so yellow, some orange and some gold!!!  It was hard to find trees with red leaves!

We really enjoyed watching the clouds hanging over Gallatin National Forest each time we go to Bozeman for errands.

Edith spent time helping Keri with stuff for the pageant that will be held in Las Vegas next week.  

Erwin and Dustin went to a place where they can practice target shooting in preparation for hunting season.

The last time we were here we drove through Milligan Canyon, 5 miles west of Three Forks and enjoyed the scenery, so we went back to go through the canyon again.

We made an appointment with Big Sky RV to have them work on minor problems with our Lil' Home on October 8th.  The motor controller for one slideout quit working, so we will probably need to get a new one.
View of the clouds hanging over Gallatin National Forest from I-90
towards Bozeman, Montana

Abandoned Barn near Willow Creek, MT

If the day was so nice Erwin would take Hunter to a playground in Three Forks town to let him play.

Zella's cat, Ice Cream, had kittens. Hunter loved
playing with them, especially this orange one (his favorite)
You have to be here to see gorgeous sunsets in Montana.  We cannot
begin to tell you why sunsets are different as compared to the ones
in Florida. 

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