Friday, January 27, 2017

November 10-16, 2016 - Las Vegas, NV and Three Forks, MT

After staying 2 nights at Stratosphere Casino/Hotel we checked into Texas Station Casino/Hotel where the pageant was to be held at the next day.

Stratosphere Tower
Sunset as seen from our room at Stratosphere
Saturday, November 12th was a very busy day for Keri and her four girls to get ready for the pageant. Edith was also busy assisting Keri with the outfit changes, emergency fix-ups and cheering the girls on. Since it was Kalista's first pageant Erwin was asked to accompany her on the stage.  It was darling to watch her strut.  Sasha, Nikkol and Zella did well with their routines.  

Sunday, November 13th it was time to announce the winners.  Zella was in the top 15.  All the girls received titles, sashes and tiaras.  We were so proud of their efforts.  They kept getting better and better each time they go to pageants.  
Top left: Nikkol, Sasha and Zella
Bottom: Kalista
 with their sashes and tiaras
The Team Traver
Left: Erwin, Boomer (Jason's guide dog) Edith, Jason (Keri's uncle), Hunter, Keri and Dustin
We wear these t-shirts at every pageant we go to to show other people who
we are 

There was an air show when we were about ready to leave Vegas after the family's visit with Jason.  We stayed a while to watch a bit of it. 
Sunset in Utah on our way back to Three Forks
SuperMoon in Utah
Monday, November 14th Edith started to have trouble with her right knee, could not take the pain.  Erwin took her to Bozeman Deacon Emergency to have her knee x-rayed and examined.  After looking at the x-rays the doctor told Edith that she had patellafemoral  syndrome. The patella is the moveable bone on the front of the knee and the muscles, attached to the patella, may have been inflamed. The doctor suggested rest and anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen (800mg).  He also suggested physical therapy that can help decrease pain and inflammation.  He wrote a prescription for Edith to get hinged knee brace, which she picked up the next day. Physical therapy was impossible because we had planned on going back to Florida in less than two weeks.

After getting back from Las Vegas Dustin and Erwin went hunting every day because there were 2 weeks left before the hunting season is over. 
This Mountain is difficult to get to as it is miles and miles into the back country
 on narrow unimproved dirt roads. The views are unbeatable! 
Yes, Erwin and Dustin drove to the Idaho border looking for elk but found none!
Note: You see bear claws on tree trunks. Yikes!
Kalista wearing Erwin's hunting cap

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