Tuesday, January 24, 2017

October 20-26, 2016 - Townsend, Willow Creek & Three Forks, MT

We went out for a drive to Townsend, MT to have breakfast, then explored the town and nearby areas. It was lovely to see the snowcapped mountains. 
Horse sculptures made from old tires!
On Thursday, October 20 Dustin and Erwin left Three Forks to camp out in Gardiner, MT two days ahead of the official hunting season that starts on Saturday, the 22nd of October.  Dustin took his 5th wheel trailer along, so the boys have a place to stay in when they are not hunting.  After three days of camping they came back home empty-handed.
Good bye!  Have fun and good luck!
Young hunters, aged 12 and under, were allowed to hunt for 2 days before October 22.  Edith was on way to Bozeman when a red truck went past her. There was a bull with a nice rack in the back of the red truck.
Our eyes were greeted with beautiful, bold, colorful leaves 
Erwin wanted to hunt at Willow Creek area, not too far from Three Forks, MT.  The area he hiked on belongs to the State of Montana and hunting was allowed. Edith decided to accompany him to take pictures of Erwin's trek.  We arrived perhaps half an hour before the sunrise.  The colors were beautiful and striking.  It was a good long walk and we got plenty of exercises.  Although we saw hoof prints on the ground we did not see any nearby.  We saw few way over there on a private property.  Do the deer know they are on private properties where they are safe?  We were not sure, but thought we may have hiked over 2 miles.
Deer hoof print
View from the mountaintop
Heart Rock
We did not take it with us, just left it where we saw it
Once in a while Edith would go for a drive to Willow Creek area where there are few ponds.  The last time she went by one of the ponds there were trumpeter swans.  There were lots of mallards and Canadian geese.
Trumpter Swans and their young ones
Canadian Geese
Beautiful sculpture at the veterinary on Hwy 287
While the men were out hunting Edith helped Keri with cutting and sewing the girls' outfits for future pageants.  

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