Sunday, January 29, 2017

November 30, 2016 - Scottsbluff, NE to Warrenton, MO

Erwin was hoping to get started at 5 am, but it was not until 6:25 am when we were up and about. We left Walmart parking lot at 6:45 am. 

We tried to find cheap diesel in Scottsbluff, but the gas station was out of the way from where we were going. Erwin said we had enough left for about 300 miles before we get to get to the next town/city. 

It was 21˚ and the wind was not blowing strong like it was last night.  The sun has not risen up, but it left pretty colors at the horizon.

From Walmart we got back on Highway 26.  We stopped to get diesel fill up at Sinclair in Bridgeport, NE. It was $2.29 per gallon (credit price).  We picked up coffee because we did not have time to make a pot of it this morning. A guy, filling up his truck at the next pump, asked Erwin if he was going South for the winter. Erwin replied that he was and the guy said "good luck and happy travel".
Water tower in Broadwater, NE
Edith had few missed photo opportunities along Highway 26 : old water tower, cowboy boots on posts, rundown house and cemetery.  We may be back to that area another time.

We went through the town of Ogallala, NE where there is a water tower with painted flag on it.
We were getting hungry, wanted to find a place to eat now, but it was still too early and many places were closed. We proceeded to get on I-80 East and hoped to find something to eat at one of exits.

We pulled into a rest area at 159 mile marker off I-80 because Erwin wanted to make a pot of coffee and to get a short break from driving.   Edith was not ready to drive the LH because of the strong winds. She wanted to wait til it dies down. 

The sky started to turn cloudy.  The winds started to calm down a bit.  We picked up lunch at Wendy's in Kearney, NE. 

At rest area 49 miles from the exit Edith finally took over driving.  We exited at #397 to get on NE-2 toward Nebraska City, NE.

We were still in NE when we went to Casey's Market to get diesel fill up.  It was Edith's first experience at pulling into a gas station. She was very nervous and was worried about hitting obstacles.  Erwin had to explain how to pull away from the pumps.  She did pretty good.

We made it to Iowa State line at 4:35 pm and then to Missouri State line at 4:50 pm.  There was a beautiful sunset along the route while we were in Watson, MO. 

We decided to go to a truck stop in Mound City, MO to take a break and for Edith to fix supper.  After supper we resumed our trip toward St Louis. MO via I-29 and I-70.  We exited at #14 to get on I-435 E , then I-70 E.
We spent the night at Walmart in Warrenton, MO.

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