Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 13, 2016 - Tomball & Montgomery, TX & other places

We lost one hour of sleep! Today is the Daylight Savings Time and we were up at 9:15 am (actually 8:15 am).  It was cloudy, but the sun was trying to peek through them.

After breakfast Patty and Paul came by to pick us up to go out for the day. They had selected some places for us to visit.

First stop was to visit Memory Park by the library in Montgomery, TX.  It is a community project that is operated by the county, the Rotary Club and different organizations. There are walking trails, pavilions, plants and trees, statues, ponds, etc..  Also each item within the park is donated in memory of loved ones. Next to Memory Park is Fernland Historical Park has some 19th century buildings and historical exhibits. 

Paul walking his granddog, Chewie

Paul & Patty

Erwin demonstrating how this contraption is used
Edith demonstrating how this chair is used
Dang, the door was locked! No demonstration!
Then we went off to Tomball, TX to visit Paul and Patty’s favorite nursery and garden store, The Arbor Gate. They wanted us to see and appreciate wind sculptures among other things.  It is on FM 2920.  The parking lot was almost crowded and there was a guy directing cars to the parking lot. Paul managed to find one.  We strolled about, checking out sculptures, plants, went inside some stores.  It was nice spending time there during a lovely day.

Paul & Patty really liked those chairs, but did not like the prices :-(
Frozen in time!

Wind Sculpture

After we left The Arbor Gate, we spotted some Longhorns laying down in a pasture.  Paul turned to the side road to let Edith get out.  Edith walked up to the fence to get close-ups and the longhorns were not at all disturbed or even interested in charging at her because she wore a RED shirt!

Nice set of horns
Different colors!
All of us were hungry and Patty suggested to have lunch at Salata, the next generation salad bar, also on FM 2890 in Tomball. When we got there we were surprised to find it closed on Sundays.  Paul and Patty suggested to go to Potbelly, not too far from Salata.  

Edith checked Trip Advisor to see if there were any interesting places to see while in Tomball.  Yes, there is a historic train depot and Edith instructed Paul on how to get there.  There is a red caboose and Paul got to look the inside while we were inside the museum.  Peck was the original name of the town, but was renamed after Thomas Ball, who was a former congressman, practiced law in Houston, was a 3-time mayor of Huntsville, TX.  Thus, the name Tomball, TX.

Erwin taking a peek inside the caboose
He was not tall enough, so had to do that way

We stopped to check out RND Rustics, a full service Western furniture and decor.  When we visited RND two years ago it was in the old store that was crowded, so they built a new one which is twice the size. At the old store photography was not allowed, but they told Edith she can take pictures and she did.

Unusual fence to resemble Barbed Wire

Ladies' restroom
Paul and Patty’s daughter and family were out of town when we were visiting.  After visiting RND Rustics store Paul and Patty needed to go to their daughter’s house to make sure the pool is okay and to check if everything is alright in the house.

Patty had pot roast in slow cooker while we were out sightseeing, so the aroma was nice when we stepped in the house. The dinner was very good.  For dessert she made peach cobbler and it was very tasty.

We really enjoyed spending the day with Paul and Patty and appreciated their time in taking us to interesting places. 

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