Thursday, April 14, 2016

March 27, 2016 - Fort Davis, TX to Carlsbad, NM

Another beautiful morning and we were so grateful for it because we were getting ready to leave Fort Davis and getting on the road to New Mexico. It is always nice and pleasant to travel with good weather 

After breakfast we put the stuff away, emptied the grey water, put away clean dishes and silverware. After hooking the Jeep to the Lil’ Home (LH) we left Historic Prude Ranch at 11 am, turned left on Texas 118 south to Fort Davis, TX.  

We took a left turn on Texas 17 North (we had already been on part of this route when we came to Fort Davis from  last week.

Deer, wild pig, cattle, ducks were spotted along TX 17.  Gorgeous view of the mountains and the landscape. Not a single cloud anywhere!

We stopped at Valero, outside of Balmorhea, to get the windshield washed/cleaned. Too many bug splatters! 

We continued on TX 17 after a short time on I-10 E and the drive was very pleasant.  There were some green fields (no idea what crops they were)and there were lots of farmlands. Going forward there were no mountains except they were behind us.  The landscape was very flat.

Checkered Water Tower near Pecos, TX
Now on Business Loop 20 going through Pecos, TX.  The town looked dead because of it was Easter Day today and many businesses were closed.  Also, restaurants were closed.

We got on Hwy 285 North after leaving Pecos, then pulled over near a farmland to fix lunch since dining places were closed.

We noticed that we did not drink enough water every day and had to remind each other to drink as much and often as we can.  Water is very important for your body’s organs.  

Hwy 285 N from Pecos to is relatively flat, almost straight and the landscape was very rugged. No mountains!  Several oil pumps were seen and one new derrick was being built.

We entered New Mexico state line at 2:05 pm (1:05 pm MST).  Also time zone was changed from Central to Mountain. Two state signs and the last one had lots of bullet holes.
Damn rough roads after crossing the NM state line.  

Bullet-riddled State Sign
Antlers on tree trunk and Loving, NM Water Tower (10 miles south of Carlsbad)

We got diesel fill-up for the LH at Chevron near Carlsbad ($2.06 g). Not far from here there was Walmart that has gas station, but the entrance and parking area were too crowded and tight for our LH to go in. We noticed that the gas prices had started to slowly climb up again. Either it is due to the news of bombing overseas or they increase ahead of summer travel?  We hope diesel will not be over $3 this summer.

Carlsbad Walmart was not so far away and we decided to camp there overnight.  The parking lot is pretty big, but there were many vehicles.  Guess the shoppers were busy getting stuff for Easter dinner, treats, etc.

All the mess on the floor after a long ride on bumpy roads
We were so lucky that the salt/pepper shakers did not come off the table
Edith was not up to visiting some attractions because of an headache due to allergy reaction. Besides that, most places are closed because of Easter.  She wanted to stop traveling early, so she can rest.

After settling down Edith made a couple videophone calls while Erwin was at Walmart.  Edith tried to keep in touch with our friends once in a while, so they will know we are doing ok and catch up on what we have been doing.

We then went to Walmart to shop for groceries.  They were out of heavy cream!  Edith loves having it whipped with stevia and vanilla extract and uses it in her coffee.  She has a cup of heavy cream left in the refrigerator, but it will be gone tomorrow.  We will have to go to a supermarket first thing tomorrow morning.

Few RVs came to camp here, but none was close to us.  Some parked way in the back where Walmart trucks go there to unload stuff.

Since we gained one hour after entering Mountain Time Zone our minds were like “I am tired, but it is too early to go to bed”.

There are few places to visit in Carlsbad tomorrow before we head up to Roswell, NM.

We were not sure if it is a pigeon. Even if it is we have
never seen a pure white one

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