Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 14, 2016 - The Woodlands & Montgomery, TX

It was a very lovely morning and there were no clouds anywhere!  It felt just right outside, so it was a perfect day for another outing with Paul and Patty.

Before Paul and Patty came over to take us out Erwin made a call to Kwik Kar to see if they can take our Jeep in for repair.   No, they are fully booked until Wednesday, but the guy gave Erwin two other shops to contact: Cannell Auto Motor and Rick’s Automotive.  Both were booked today, but they said we can bring the Jeep in and they will look into to see if it can be fixed or not.

Erwin drove the Jeep to Rick’s Auto Shop at 19082 Hwy 105 West in Montgomery, TX, less than a mile from KOA Campground.  He then walked back to the campground.  The shop said they will try to look into the problem either this afternoon or tomorrow.

We texted Patty to let her know that we were ready to go out and she and Paul picked us up.  We went to the Woodlands to browse around.  Patty has always talked about how wonderful shopping is at The Woodlands, so we were curious to see what is there.

We stopped at H-E-B to pick up H-E-B's brand vanilla extract double strength and Edith bought 6 bottles! 5 for Keri, our proxy daughter. One for us. H-E-B had lots and lots of food samples.  The store was huge and nice!

Paul and Patty waiting for food samples

Paul drove around fancy/expensive homes that are close to the shopping district.  While cruising by Edith was thrilled to see two Egyptian geese. A lifer for her!  Lifer means a first time to see.  However Egyptian geese are Native to North Africa and Syria.  Egyptian geese are not native to Texas or anywhere else in North America and are invasive.

Egyptian Geese
Patty suggested that we stopped at Whole Foods so Edith can pick up a jar of unrefined/organic coconut oil and a jar of Pink Himalayan salt.

The Woodlands has mounted security officers patrolling the area.  You cannot miss seeing them because they wear red uniform shirts. They ride their horses through the Woodlands Mall parking lot, around several shopping areas.

We were in mood for Mexican food and had lunch at Lupe Tortilla off I-45 in The Woodlands.  Erwin was the only one who finished his meal. Paul was the only one who had half of his meal to go. Edith and Patty did not want to take doggie bags home.  The foods were very satisfactory.

On way home we stopped at another H-E-B, so Edith can pick up more H-E-B.'s vanilla extract because the first store we went to this morning had only 6 in stock.  This store had several and Edith got two more.

After getting back to Patty & Paul's house Paul suggested that we use his truck to go back to KOA.  On way we stopped by Rick's Auto Shop to see what they have found out about the Jeep. The mechanic was not able to determine what the problem was, so Erwin took him for a drive to give him an idea of what the problem is.  The Jeep was back in the bay and won't be worked on til tomorrow.

Both of us took a good nap after we got back to the Lil'Home from the auto shop. After the nap we were not too hungry and Edith had leftover salad from yesterday to eat.  

We drove the truck to Patty & Paul's house to watch "The Monuments Men" movie.  It is based on a true story. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett were stars in it. It was a good movie.

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