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March 16, 2016 - Montgomery, TX to Caldwell, TX

A perfect morning to start our trip out of Montgomery, TX. However, before we can leave Edith had to go back to Patty’s house to pick up the whipped cream she left in the refrigerator last night.  Edith thanked Patty and Paul for their wonderful hospitality and for taking us to places to visit.  It is always hard to say so long to dear friends like them.  

We finally left KOA campground at 10:30 am.  Edith went in the Jeep while Erwin drove the Lil’ Home (LH) to Bryan, TX (near College Station, TX).  Edith wanted to check out few places along the way: Montgomery's Old Cemetery and World’s Largest Teapot in Navasota, TX.

Navasota, TX 
World's Largest Teapot
Bluebonnet and the Teapot
We used Texas 105 going West, then Texas 6 going North toward College Station, TX.

Erwin arrived Walmart off Briarcrest Blvd in College Station, but realized that the parking lot is not big enough to spend overnight there.  He waited 15 minutes before Edith arrived.  After discussing about the parking situation we decided to move to Target on the other side of Highway 6. While Target’s parking lot is big Target does not allow overnight parking.  We had decided at that point that we were not going to stay in College Station tonight.  Erwin checked first with the manager at Target if it was okay to leave the LH here for few hours so we can visit some places in the town and he said it was fine with him.

Edith made a quick check-up on places to visit: Texas A&M, Messina Hof Winery, Bush Library, Old Bryan Downtown, Royal Oaks Alpacas.  Edith decided to call Royal Oaks to see if it is open for visitors.  Royal Oaks apologized and said they are closed and does not welcome visitors for another 2-3 weeks.  It was because of the insurance they are waiting on before they can have visitors on the property.  Guess they did not have insurance before.

Erwin checking out Mesquite trees
First stop was to visit Messina Hof Winery.  Nice gift shop. Tour and tasting fee is $15, but we missed the tour at noon.  We just wanted to sample few of their blush wines.  We did not care for their tastes, did not buy wines.

Drove to Texas A&M campus.  We did not realize how big the campus is and they are still adding more buildings!  We checked out Bonfire Memorial that was set up to honor 11 students and 1 former student who died during the horrific bonfire accident in 1999.  The interior is shaped into a Ring with 12 granite portals with the interior bronze engraved with a portrait, a written reflection and his/her signature.

Kyle Stadium
Next stop was at the Alumni Center to see the Giant Walk-Thru Aggie Class Ring.  It stands 12 feet tall, is made of metal.  It is a replica of Harold Bill Haynes’ Class of ’46 ring.  Mr. Hayes was a successful businessman and was a chairman and CEO of Chevron Corporation (he died in 2009).

We went inside the Alumni Center building, walked up to the 2nd floor where class rings ranging from late 1900 to present are displayed.  

Stories about Bonfire Accident in 1999
We drove by Kyle Field where the football stadium is at. There were some bronze sculptures nearby.  

Last stop was the George Bush Library, the 41st President of the USA.  We got inside the building at 3:50 pm and they close at 5 pm.  We felt it would not be wise to pay $7 for 45 minute of the tour, decided to come visit it another time.  We walked around the plaza for a while. The library had a slideshow on the life of First Lady Nancy Reagan, who died recently, and had a guest book for visitors to sign and it will be sent to Ronald Reagan Library in California at the end of the month. 

Slideshow chronicling the life of First Lady Nancy Reagan
when her husband, Ronald Reagan, was the President of the
U.S. and George was the Vice President
larger than life George with Edith

Berlin Wall Sculpture
"The Day the Wall Came Down"
showing a piece of the Berlin Wall with painted graffiti
We ran out of time and were not able to visit Old Bryan downtown. There were few other attractions to visit, also.  We are pretty sure we will visit the town again another time.

After getting back to Target the Jeep was hooked to the LH and Edith found out that the right rear signal light was not working.  Apparently it is the cable between the LH and the Jeep that may be faulty.  We will need to have it checked at a RV service center soon.

We decided to spend the night in Caldwell, TX instead of continuing journey to Elgin, TX because it would be past 7 pm which will be very late to prepare and eat supper.  Overnight parking is permitted at Caldwell Walmart; however, the parking lot is not very big. Erwin managed to find a spot long enough for the LH and the Jeep.  Next door to Walmart is Brookshire Brothers grocery store.  

Brookshire Brothers store is closed at 9 pm and Walmart closes at 11 pm. This means a very quiet night with no vehicles going by.

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