Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 8, 2016 - Colorado Springs to Morrison, CO

We could have stayed a couple days more here, but we needed to be in Denver metro area by April 9th to meet Keri and her family.

As agreed, we met Alan at Gardens of Gods Gourmet for breakfast. It was wonderful to see him again. He looked so great.  We spent over 2 hours catching up on news and our lives.  His daughter and grandson live not too far from the restaurant.  Alan is visiting with them for few days. 

Edith & Alan
Our breakfasts were great and we enjoyed every bite of it. If you are visiting or living in Colorado Springs be sure to look up Gardens of God Gourmet restaurant.  We gave it 5 stars! 

After bidding Alan so long we returned back to the campground. It did not take very long to get our Lil' Home ready for the road trip. 

Erwin wanted to take I-25 N because it was much faster to get out of Colorado Springs than using the backroads.  Then near Monument, CO we took the exit to get on CO 105 because there was a traffic jam on I 25 northbound. Even though the lane was rather narrow on 105 for a big rig like ours the view was unbeatable.  Not much traffic! Oh, what a beautiful countryside!

The road connected to N. State Highway 67, then turned left to N US Highway 85.  Then it was merged onto CO-40 West, which lead us to Morrison, CO.  This is where Erwin’s great niece, Carmel and her family live in.  

It was good to see Carmel again after a year and half when she, her husband Patrick and three kids came to visit FL during Thanksgiving 2014. Carmel told us that we could leave our LH by the side of her property for few days.  

Carmel was responsible for a fundraising event at Skate City this evening and asked us to follow them to Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS), so she can pick up forms.  Carmel’s two kids go to school there. From there we continued until we arrived Skate City where there was an event for deaf kids and adults to skate for two hours. 

We did not rent skates, decided to just sit back and watch the skaters.  Carmel’s youngest son, Hudson, did not want to skate with his daddy, Patrick and wanted to wait for Carmel. She was busy getting the event started.  Carmel’s middle child, Jathan, was very good at skating with inline rollers.  The oldest child, Rhiannon, was out of town with her schoolmates for an event at Rochester Institue for the Deaf in Rochester, NY.

Patrick and Hudson
Erwin watching the action
Hudson was waiting for his momma
to come skate with him
While waiting for his momma Hudson
allowed great great Uncle Erwin to hold his hand while skating

Finally! Here comes Hudson's momma, Carmel,
to skate with him for a while

Here comes Momma to rescue Hudson after his fall
Now he is a happy skater!

Everyone had a good time.  We met some new faces.  

The sunset was lovely.  Nice view of the mountains on our way to Thornton, CO to meet Keri and her family at a motel.  It was lovely to see our adopted family again.  So good to see our 6 "grandchildren". 

It was getting so late and all of us were hungry and Dustin, Keri's husband, wanted to eat a 7 lb burrito at Jack-n-Grill in Westminster, CO, so we went there.  Dustin did not finish his meal, let Connor eat some.  It ended up in a to go box.  

NFL Champions
That's A LOT of freshly made tortillas!

Dustin and Kalista and his 7 lb burrito
Here is a 7 pound burrito!
If you finish it,  it is FREE! ($24.99)
After discussing with Keri for tomorrow's plan we left to go back to Morrison, CO to spend the night.  The traffic was not too bad, but it took more than 40 minutes from Thornton to Morrison.

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