Monday, April 18, 2016

April 2, 2016 - Taos, NM

After breakfast we hiked on a one mile loop near the campground.  We did not see any wildlife. The view of the mountains all around was breathtaking.  

Bigfoot and Littlefoot

We went to the town of Taos to stroll around.  The parking meters are almost all over, so it was difficult to find a free parking spot. We parked at Taos Plaza, went in as many stores as long as there were no incenses or strong fragrances inside stores.  Erwin bought a bright yellow T-shirt with New Mexico wording on it.  We got a bag of chocolate covered popcorn with glazed almonds.  It was delicious!

Erwin's 2nd childhood

Which one is the real Indian?

Candied Apples
"Hey, Edith... can I have candied popcorn?"

After an hour and half of strolling around we took off to go see Dennis Hopper’s grave.  On way we stopped and visited Happy Trails store.  The house, next door to the store, was beautiful.  Very unusual paintings and craftsmanship.  The guy was waiting for us to leave, so he can close the shop.  

We got lost while trying to find the cemetery. Edith pulled over to google for the location. One of the youtube videos had “directions”.  With this we finally found it.  There is no sign or marker to the cemetery and it can be easily overlooked if one is not carefully scanning the area.  It was behind a rundown building.  We managed to find Dennis Hopper’ grave.  Not as neat or fancy as most celebrities’ graves would be.  Very down to earth.  Thee was a cross and some people left bandanas, some even left dollar bills, a lot of flowers.  What is so special about Dennis Hopper. He starred in and directed a movie titled “Easy Rider” that was shown in 1969.  It was a very radical and rebellious movie during that time.  Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson starred in it, also. Like with other cemeteries in Taos area the burials are not laid out perfectly. 
Dennis Hopper's grave

On way back to the campground we stopped at a small shopping area, 2 miles from Monte Bello RV park, browsed around, bought two handmade soaps at Blue Feather of Taos.

After the sunset

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