Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 5, 2016 - Canon City, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

The temperature was already above 50’s when we got ready to leave.  The weather news said it will be around 70’s in Colorado Springs. No need to wear several layers of clothing today!

There was a truck with 5th wheel trailer parked near us overnight, but had already left when we were up. 

We left Canon City. CO at 9:30 am, stayed on Route 50 until we got to Penrose, CO, then turned left on CO 115.  The scenery along the way was just beautiful. Of course, there were several steep hills, but our Lil' Home (LH) had no trouble keeping up with the speed. It is a good thing that the LH has engine braking system.  

We noticed that the southern part of Colorado Springs had more new homes being built.  There are several houses situated way on top of the mountains.  Those, who have lots of money to splurge, think they can own the mountain land.  It is really sad that the city is starting to allow home building way up in the mountains.

Goldfield Campground is on Route 24. It was easy to find.  After checking in the office the Jeep was unhooked first before we backed the LH in at site #30.  $21.50 per night (includes tax) after Passport America discount was applied.  The campground was pretty much full.  

After getting the LH leveled and the slideouts out we took off to visit Erwin’s niece, Anna and her husband Brian. They live less than 3 miles from the campground.  It was great to see Anna and Brian.  It seemed like we saw them recently, but no, that was May 2014 when we spent few days with them.  

Brain prepared lunch for us, then Erwin followed Brian, who drove Anna's car, to the repair shop to have them check the power steering. Erwin took Brian over to the campground, since it was near the garage, to give him a tour of our LH.

In the late afternoon Edith started to feel tired and got an headache (due to altitude change), took a nap on the sofa at Anna's house. She instructed Erwin to wake her up one hour later, but Erwin got carried away with talking with Anna and completely forgot to wake Edith up til past 2 hours.  Edith felt like she was a zombie for the rest of the night.

The “snow” clouds were hovering over the 8,000 ft mountains in the distance. The winds started to pick up. 

We were excited when Brian served two homemade pizzas (one with Spanish olives and the other with Grav lox). Then the dessert (ganache tart) followed to finish it off. Everything was great!

Ganache Tart for dessert

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