Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 22, 2016 - Fredericksburg, TX

Late risers at 9:45 am.  We loafed around until 11 am before heading out to Wildseed Farm to buy seeds for Erwin’s niece Anna who asked for bluebonnet seeds. We also got Anna more seeds for other kinds of flowers.  While there we browsed around the garden.

California Poppy 
Winery hopping at five different 5 wineries.  To sample 5 or 6 wines it is $15.  Too expensive for us to sample, so we skipped it and just looked around inside the winery. Also, most wineries sell one bottle of wine for $24.99 and up.  Only one winery we got to sample Peach wine was at Fat Ass (yes, Fat ASS!!!). We liked the taste, so we bought just one bottle.

Wines from Israel!

Erwin sharpening his pocketknife on old grindstone!

Self Explanatory!
Cool sheltered seat from rear of old bus!
It was locked :(

We stopped at Hill Country Trading Post, meandered around, did not see anything we liked.  Stopped at Timber Model, but they did not have model houses we can look into.  

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Edith received an email from Rachel, the closing attorney for our old house, that the closing settlement went well and the house was officially SOLD to a new buyer. 

 Edith made some calls to elec/water company and house insurance to close accounts.  Now the pressure is off our shoulders, no more worrying about the house and maintenance during our full-time travel.  We were not at all disappointed that the house was sold. it was because it had been our dream to travel full-time for so longtime. 

This is now our LIL HOME on wheels! 
We went back to the campground to have a quick lunch before heading to downtown Fredericksburg.  We stopped at Opa’s, famous store that sells sausage links and we sampled one, liked it and bought a package of links.

Marzipan candies (made with almond paste)
Hmmm! Trying to decide which to get?

We bought a package of Beef links,
Root Beer (for Edith) and Pecan Pralines (for Erwin)

Can you guess what it is?

The lady, working at Opa's, showed us this and explained that
it is a birdhouse!  The birds go in the mouth and to clean out the
mess you open the pig's buttock part! Cool, isn't it?
Not too far from Opa's we stopped by The Holy Ghost Lutheran church.  Edith went inside the church after taking pictures outside.  

We drove outside of Fredericksburg, spotted a small private safari park. It has bison, camel, zebras, emus and lots of ducks.

Camel, Bull, Bison, Emus, Goats

We stayed home for the night. Edith was planing on going to Main St to stroll around at nighttime, but EH was tired and Edith realized she needed to work on the travel notes and edit pictures.

Willkommen = Welcome 

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