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March 19, 2016 - Blanco, TX to Fredericksburg, TX

We had a great night of sleep last night.  It was very quiet in the area. We were much relieved that no one stopped by during the night to tell us to leave because we were parked in a school’s football field parking lot.

The morning sky greeted us with some clouds and the sun was peeking behind the thin veil. It was COLD at 43˚. It might not feel as cold for many of you, but for thin skinned folks like us it is too cold.  The elevation in Blanco is 1,354’.

By the dawn's early light
We left Blanco, TX at 8:45 am, got on RR 1888.  Erwin missed the turn to 1888 for Fredericksburg, continued on Ranch Road 1623. That road was narrow with no shoulder - not much room to maneuver a big rig like ours.  It was harrowing for Edith and her tummy was turned into knots for 17 miles!  She kept gesturing to Erwin to stay within the lane.  However the road was rolling and the view was awesome. We won’t mind driving on it again this time with the Jeep while Erwin as passenger will be gesturing and having his tummy in knots!

Although we had visited Fredericksburg, TX two years ago we did not visit many places because we stayed only one night.  We would like to stay at least two to three days. Erwin called Hill Country campground (we camped there two years ago) to see if there is any vacancy for us since it is spring break this week.  No, it is full, but the lady gave us a name/number to call. No luck again!  We thought we may have trouble finding one when we get to Fredericksburg.

We took our chance by checking into Fredericksburg KOA on 290 (5 miles from town center).   They had a couple sites available and we were assigned H04 site; however, the campers had not checked out and we had to wait for a while before being led to it . Nightly rate was more than what we are willing to spend, but we can make it up by dry camping later on.  We like to spend up to $30 per night.  We are staying here until March 21st.  

The campground is very nice, has lots of trees.  There is a pen with 3 longhorn cows not too far from us.  After we got the LH settled in we rested a bit before we went out.  Edith needed some time to get the knots out of her tummy! 

Pen with 3 Longhorns on KOA property
Our laundry bag is overfilled, we have not washed for over a week.  Erwin checked the Google map and found there are five coin operated laundromats in the area. Star Laundry was the one close to us, and off we went with the laundry loaded in the backseat.  There was a couple from Wisconsin (fulltimers like us) doing their laundry, also.  The laundromat has few Mega front loading machines and Erwin loaded all into one machine. Erwin divided the wet load into three dryers, so it won’t take too long to dry them.  

We had lunch after we got back from the laundromat, then walked to the pen where the longhorns are in.  Erwin was daring by petting the forehead of one cow, but had to back off quickly when she swayed her head.

Not too sure what Erwin was trying to do?
Erwin’s niece, Christy and her friend Denise (Dee) were on way back to Austin from Fort Stockton after their one week spring getaway. Erwin suggested they meet us at KOA campground since they were driving on 290.  Erwin went to to the front by the office to wait for Christy and Dee to meet him, so he can lead them to our campsite.

It was good to see Christy again. It seemed like we saw her recently, but no, it was 2 years ago we last saw her.  They had not had lunch and were hungry, so we offered ham sandwiches which they prepared and ate happily.  We chatted for a long while, then walked to the pen, so they can see longhorns.

Christy is making plan to travel solo full-time in her truck that has been modified to include microwave, refrigerator, generator, etc.  She is also a photographer and an artist.

Christy communicating with the longhorn
Do photographers squat to look more professional?
Dee and Christy
Edith, Dee, Christy & Erwin
Hugging and hugging
Edith & Christy
We are going to miss Christy.  Hope our paths cross again
somewhere on the road as we travel.
After a quick supper we went out for a ride to the town, cruised around a bit. The town was crowded and most restaurant parking lots were full.  We plan on going to the town early tomorrow morning, park the Jeep and walk up/down the Main Street. We hope to find German bakery shops to buy pastries.

We shopped at H-E-B to get stuff needed for supper tomorrow. Erwin picked up fresh fruits for his breakfast.  The store is big and has a vast selection of produce/meats. 

Too darn cute to eat!
Hard boiled Easter eggs already dyed to save you time! 
Weird looking cake... 
Look at the price!  For just one bottle...
You pay more for the wine jacket
A restful night with Erwin reading a book and Edith switching between updating travel notes and editing pictures.

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