Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 9, 2016 - Morrison & Thornton, CO

We spent the morning catching up with Carmel before we headed out to Thornton, CO.  We informed her that we were going to be away most of the time until Sunday night.  

The day was very lovely.  There were many blooms on trees.

We met Keri, Dustin and their kids at The Castle (Hilton). Their three oldest girls, Sasha, Nikkol and Zella, are particiapating in Little Miss Colorado pageant tomorrow.  Their youngest son, Hunter, is participating in Boys category and has two routines.

The Castle
Keri needed one more head foam for one of the girls’ wiglets, so we went to JoAnn Fabric store nearby. They had plenty on hand and we got one.  While there we grabbed quick lunch at Atlanta Bread.  Jacksonville, FL used to have Atlanta Bread and we would eat there sometimes when we lived there, but all were closed up few years ago.  

Back to the Castle we spent time with the family and Edith offered her helping hand in whatever Keri needed for the girls' stuff.  

The girls practiced their routines, were fitted with outfits to be sure all are in good condition.
Kalista Hope (14 months old)
Keri fitting Hunter's outfit for one of his routines
We, along with our family, had supper at Panda Express after we found out the waiting time to get a table at Olive Garden was 2 and half hours.  It turned out there was a prom event going on in the town, so many tables were reserved.

Back to the hotel Sasha, Nikkol and Zella went through their routines again.  Keri had a hair/makeup lady fix the wiglets for the girls' hair.  

There was a lot of things going on to be sure that everything is in order before tomorrow's big event.  We and Keri waited in the line for registration and it was 45 minutes before Keri was called in.  The numbers were given for each participant to be worn on the stage tomorrow. 

Hunter's first routine is at 8:30 am tomorrow morning.  It is going to be hard for young kids to be up so early and ready to perform, but we shall see.

Back to Morrison, CO to spend the night.  We needed to leave around 6:30 am tomorrow morning.

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