Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 20, 2016 - Willow City, Llano & Fredericksburg, TX

We had a lazy morning, took our sweet time before we got dressed to go out for the day.  

We drove around downtown Fredericksburg, TX for a short while, then turned right on 16 N to go to Willow City Loop (RR 1323) for Hill Country cruising.  Willow City is about 12 miles north of Fredericksburg and is the gateway to the scenic 13 mile Loop which is highlighted with wildflowers, such as bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush and more.  The road is narrow and of hard packed dirt and narrow asphalt and there are lots of cattle guards, farm gates, low water crossing.  There are private ranch properties.  The best time to visit Willow City Loop is during the Wildflower season (March through May). The drive is absolutely beautiful, the landscape so diverse and gorgeous.  We would not advise you to drive the Loop during weekends due to bumper to bumper traffic.  We want to remind you that this is a private ranch road and sometimes some ranchers will just close the gates and not let visitors continue on the loop.  

Video of Willow City Loop Drive

Bluebonnets and boots!



Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush

It took us more than an hour and half to complete the loop.  After exiting the loop we continued on 16 N to go to Llano, TX.  We wanted to have lunch at Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ at 604 West Young Street. The line was long and we waited about 1/2 hour before we got to order our lunch. Erwin had sirloin and Edith got beef brisket. The cook put the meats on a tray, give it to you and you take it inside the restaurant.  Then your meat is weighed and wrapped. There are side dishes you can add to your meats.  Erwin added potato salad and blackberry cobbler.  In the back there are pots of soups, bbq beans, etc.  On the table there are jars of pickled Japaleno peppers, a loaf of sliced bread (for those wanting to make meat sandwiches).  There are no plates to eat your meal off of.  It was a very interesting experience and our meals were very delicious.  Our opinion on Cooper's?  11 stars!!! We will want to eat there again. Erwin got a bowl of peach cobbler to go.

Llano had art/sand fest at a park and we stopped by there to take a look. There were many rock cairns, some of them for competition. 

Llano High School Mascot
Yellow Jackets

Tin Lizard Bottle Trees

Cairn Display
Free? Huh?

On way back south from Llano to Fredericksburg we decided to go back on Willow City Loop.  It looked different because we went the opposite way than this morning.  

We really enjoyed the Loop so much and were glad that we went there on a weekday, not during weekend.  

We saw some interesting stuff on way back to KOA campground.

Someone's gate!

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