Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 18, 2016 - Elgin, TX to Blanco, TX

It was a grey morning for us.. Not a great day for photography.  At least it did not rain till later.

We spent the morning looking at the map, discussing pros/cons, making decisions on where to go next.  We decided not to go to Austin because Jack mentioned yesterday that there were 3 main events going on in Austin this week/weekend.  We also found out that many campgrounds are charging almost an arm and a leg for one night’s stay.  Also, the spring break is still ongoing, which means the city will be crowded this weekend.  

Sharon, Erwin's first cousin. lives in San Marcos, so he contacted her to see if we could visit with her for few hours.  She replied back and said she would love to see us.  Change of plans for our trip!

Lowe’s parking lot was almost full, not much room to leave our Lil' Home (LH) Sharon suggested to go to Sam’s Club across the road, so we moved it.  Then we took Sharon out for lunch at Henry's.

Erwin & Sharon
Edith had taco salad and Erwin got catfish. Chatted for a long while and we were the only ones left in the restaurant.  We went back to Sam’s, gave Sharon a tour of our LH. She was surprised to see how big it is.

After leaving San Marcos we pulled over to the picnic area/scenic overlook of Canyon Lake on Texas 32.  There is a small patch of bluebonnets. The view of the canyon and valley was beautiful.  Many crosses (handmade) were affixed to the fence. The purpose? We don't know if it was in memory of the loved ones or because people have died at this park.

After leaving San Marcos we just kept on driving until we saw a large parking lot next to Blanco High School football stadium and decided to dry camp there.  Across from the football stadium is First Baptist Church and it has a parking space in the back, but little difficult to get around with our LH.

We got some rain, thunder and lightning.  Then came bigger than pea-sized hails that lasted for about 10 minutes. The winds blew and rocked the LH for about an hour along with lots of lightning. 

Hail that landed on the wiper

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