Friday, April 8, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Fredericksburg, TX

We were excited to see that the weather looked great for our outing today.  It was 54˚ when we went by KOA office to ask for an extension on our stay for 2 more nights.  

After KOA we went to Wildseed Farms, a wildflower farm located in San Saba, east of Fredericksburg, TX on US 290.  It is the largest wildflower farm in U.S..  It has a large patch of red poppy flowers on one side of the farm. Many flowers, especially bluebonnets, were in bloom.  The gift shop is cool and has so many fantastic gifts. Of course, we did not buy any.  It also sells almost all kinds of seeds and plants. 

We checked out Wedding Oak Winery that was just opened up two weeks ago.  The name of the winery was inspired by the 400 year old oak tree, known as the Wedding Oak Tree, which is located about 2 1/2 miles from the winery. The atmosphere was very welcoming. To sample 5 wines it is $10, so we decided to go with just one glass and we shared.  There were 4 different categories: Dry, Sweet, Mild and White.  We chose to try sweet wines. Erwin did not like any of them and Edith’s favorite was Bridal Veil.  One bottle is $24 (too much for our wallet).  

There is a butterfly garden, but there were no butterflies around due to the chilly weather.  Fields and fields of bluebonnets in the back of the farm, but we were not permitted to walk past the fenced area.

We visited Luckenbach, TX that is about 13 miles from Fredericksburg. It is an unincorporated town, but is well known for country music.  There are post office, blacksmith shop, beer joint and dance hall.  The oldest building is a general store and saloon that were built around 1886.  The Post Office was closed in 1971 and the zip code was retired! There is a very small cemetery plot with just 4 tombstones, two inside the fence.

We walked up/down Frederickburg downtown shopping district on Main Street checking out where to go for lunch before heading to Enchanted Rocks for afternoon hiking. 

 We chose Fredericksburg Brewery at 245 Main Street because we ate there two years ago and were satisfied with their foods.  We went with Oma's meatloaf, onion rings and vegetable medley.  After lunch we checked out few stores before hitting the road north.

On way to Enchanted Rocks we took a route, but found out the bridge was closed and we had to take a different route. We drove through the subdivision. And, there were many bluebonnets on the front yard of many houses.

We went to Enchanted Rocks two years ago, but we got there late and found out there are just hiking trails and no auto tours were allowed, so we did not pay to go in. So, today we had enough time for hiking.

There are several trails to choose from and we chose to try the Summit Trail (.67 of a mile), a hike to the top of the Rock.  The ranger said it takes about 45 mins to get to the top for a novice hiker . We were advised to bring plenty of water.  Each of us had two bottles. We also packed in crackers and cookies in case we need energy.   

The day was gorgeous for our hike.  The trail starts at the end of the parking lot.  There are stairs to a small creek. There are posted signs with yellow arrow to follow. We timed oursevles when we began heading up.  Of course, we took several breaks, drank water, enjoyed the view before continuing.  It took us 40 minutes to reach the top.  The 365˚ view was awesome and worth the hike and you could see the Texas Hill Country at the altitude of 1,823’ summit.  There are vernal pools and islands of vegatation along the way.  Going back down was somewhat tricky because there were no marks/signs, but we managed to find our way down.  

Catching our breath

On top of the Summit

Being silly! 😉

Edith was ready to go on the Loop Trail, but Erwin’s knees were already bothering him.  We checked out the campground on our way out. The campground is primitive and not suitable for big rigs.

Edith made a side stop at The Trios Estate at Enchanted Rocks to take pictures of flowers by the entranceway, but then she decided to drive in and go up to see what it was like.  Very interesting place. Old World European styled village.  It has a bed/breakfast accommodation, a restaurant and a spa/pool.  A great retreat for one who needs peace and quietness. It also has a chapel and one private residence  The place was very quiet, almost deserted.  

Inside the restaurant 

After supper Edith went out by herself to look for a spot for sunset photography.  Erwin told her to stay on 1376 to the top of the hill.  Edith did not like the view, continued to drive up, saw a road to Luckenbach Cain City Road, found a spot.  

A great day of sightseeing, dining and hiking.  Can’t complain a bit! Hope we won’t be sore tomorrow ;-)

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