Friday, November 20, 2015

November 16, 2015 - Micanopy, FL & Gainesville, FL

Another missed opportunity for Edith. The sun was already up.  

Erwin woke up and was limping. He said his left hip was aching! It may have been caused by sleeping the wrong way.  Poor fella! He took Ibuprofen and went back to bed.  He got up after sleeping about a hour and said he is feeling better.  What a relief!

A male red cardinal was attacking a chrome bumper of a truck parked few yards away from us.  The cardinals are well known for attacking their reflections that they think is a competing male and want to protect the territory.  It was an an interesting show to watch.  

Last night we discussed that we do need tongs to handle burnt logs in the campfire.  We looked it up in Google for a fireplace store in Gainesville, FL and there is one on Main Street. 

Before we left for Gainesville Edith prepared pork loin roast with vegetables in slow cooker and let it cook on low for 8 hours.  

We stopped at Wood Stove & Fireplace and they had tongs that we needed.  We had few places in mind to go to after picking up tongs.

We were still looking for the bike rack extension and were hoping that one of the bicycle stores may have it in stock. There are so many bicycle stores in Gainesville, also scooter stores because students need transportation to get around the University of Florida campus.   We went to three stores and all of them did not have the extension.  The last store, Gators Cycle, has BionX e-bike system on display.  We asked lots of questions about its performance, labor, etc.  There are 6 different models.  The advantage of having the battery on your bicycle is that you have power on demand when you need it.   It affords the rider the option of pedaling without throttle power when not needed.  It is on our wish list when we can afford to spend $ on it. 

Electric Battery

On way back to Micanopy we spotted an eagle sitting on a “nest” at the swampland. Further down the road is a nest with two ospreys on it.  

Water Snake

We rested for the afternoon before we went out again.  We visited historic Micanopy town for a bit, went in some stores.  

Potato Vine
Then back to Gainesville again. There are murals on the side of an abandoned building by the roundabout.  

From there we went straight to the Bat House to find a parking spot before people started to come in to watch the bats’ emergence. We had about an hour to kill before the emergence.  Edith walked to the “church” or a chapel, went inside and took pictures. Then she walked to the lake and there were lots of Ibises on the tree.  She did not see any alligators but saw several turtles.  

Juvenile Ibis
People were starting to arrive to see the bat emergence. Some people brought umbrellas with them! (Smart!) That is because when bats fly there will be droppings!  It was maybe 20 minutes before the “show” was over.  It started to get dark and we hurriedly drove back home.

Supper was ready when we arrived “home”.  Oh, the pork loin was very tender and tasty and the vegetables were cooked just right.  Not much mess to wash because Edith used the slow cooker liner to put foods in, so the container is all clean. The only thing that needed to be washed were forks and bowls. Edith has been googling for more slow cooker recipes.  She is also looking for campfire recipes. (Any of you have any favorite recipes to share with us?)

Tomorrow is the day we check out of the campground, so we made plans on what to do tomorrow morning.

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