Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 11, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

Schools, post offices and government offices are closed because of Veterans’ Day.  Thank you, servicemen for all you have/had done to protect freedom in USA. Our dads were in the service during early ‘40s.

The tray in front of the driver’s seat came apart a couple days ago.  Erwin had no way of putting it back together because he did not have the tools and glue on hand. He called his good friend Ken, a woodcarving guy, to see if he can come over to his house to use tools.  Ken said to come over in the morning.

On his way to Ken’s house Erwin dropped Edith off at Starbucks (her temporary office). He said it will be about 2 hours before he will finish fixing the tray.  No way, Edith thought.

It was around 10:45 am when the line became very long at Starbucks.  Almost all seats were taken. Edith got a plushy chair with an end table. There is an outlet behind and she had the adapter to the laptop charged.  She made some video relay calls, checked emails and Facebook.  

Edith wished she could own Starbucks because customers were coming in non-stop and the coffees and frappuccinos are not cheap.  Even a 10 year old boy got his Grande frappuccino. It is amazing to see how much money customers are spending on gourmet drinks. Well, if they can afford it fine, but if not then it is not good.  Edith loves caramel macchiatto, but did not order a drink at all.  

Well, it is past 2 hours and Erwin has not come by to pick Edith up.  See, I was right, Edith told herself. She texted Erwin to find out how long it will be before he gets here.  He answered and said the tray is all fixed up and is ready to leave.  

Erwin made a call to General Electric (GE) Pension department for address and direct deposit changes, but was told that Erwin needed a PIN # to be able to get answers to his questions. He never had a PIN # assigned to him when he became qualified for pension some years ago.  They are mailing the necessary forms to Erwin and he will have to fill them out and send them back to GE.  It looks like the changes won’t be made until next month.

We made a reservation for a 3 night stay at Paynes Prairie State Park in Gainesville, FL starting Saturday, November 14.  We do like staying at Paynes Prairie because there are many things to see/do in Gainesville and Micanopy.  We will definitely go back to the bat houses  at University of Florida and watch the emergence again. The last time we went there we enjoyed seeing the bats flying out of the houses and into the sky.  Awesome view!

We had a late lunch, rested a bit. For the rest of the afternoon Edith read Kindle e-book “50 Shades of Grey” and Erwin reading a paperback.  

After supper Erwin went out for a walk by himself. Edith declined to go out with him because she was so engrossed in the e-book!  

Erwin went to bed at 7:45 PM (whoa, that is way too early to say good night), but he said he could hardly keep his eyes open while reading a book.  Edith stayed up till past 9 pm.

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