Monday, November 2, 2015

October 30, 2015 - Chiefland, FL

Erwin was anxious to wear his new hiking boots that he bought yesterday.  The day is gorgeous and he is ready to break into them when we go hiking after breakfast.

We took the North End self-guided nature walk. It is a 8.5 miles of trail through a variety of different plant communities that is strictly for foot and bicycle only.  There is a small parking lot at North End.  We started at Scenic trail and there was a swamp that had lots of Bald Cypress trees and “knees” (short growths).  We continued on Scenic trail until we reached Clay trail.  There are lots of Southern Magnolia trees. Its red seeds and brown cones were found scattered on the walkways.  There was a dry sinkhole.

Edith is not by Erwin's side cause she keeps stopping to take pictures!

Edith was oh so thrilled to see a LIVE ring-necked snake, but it was
as small and thin as a drinking straw.  It has an orange ring
around its neck and 
is harmless (non-venomous) 
Before we reached Clay/Hornet trails there was a replica of a Seminole Chickee Hut that Indians used for gatherings.  Further down from the hut there is a freshwater pond that serves as a watering hole for deer and other forest creatures.  We then turned right to get on Shacklefoot trail that leads us back to the parking lot.  We must have hiked more than 2 miles, did not see any wildlife, but Erwin saw a few pileated woodpeckers but they were too fast for Edith to snap a picture or two.  

Hickory Nuts
Colorful Fungi
Two deer: one grazing while the other rests under the bush
The afternoon found both of us resting outside.  Campers next to us had lots of friends over to watch TV (yeah, they brought a large TV from home so they all can watch University of Florida (UF) and Georgia football game.  Erwin could hear the cheering, the groaning, the clapping.  At one point Erwin got up and walked over to see what was going on.  That was when he found out they were watching the football game and was told what the score was.  13-3 in favor of UF. We found out the next day that UF won 20-3.

We had slow cooked chicken that was leftover from the day before and had grilled diced potatoes and onions that were cooked on the fire grill.  

Edith went by herself to the dock for sunset watching. Three couples were there to enjoy the view.  

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